So some humans took their time

Went brazenly 

Not stealthily

In broad daylight

Slaughtered innocent people communing with their God.

And boldly exited.

Never! In the history of Nigeria have these killings been so brazen and repeatedly done with impunity Of course this government is complicit It’s the reason I have some kind of respect for The late military head of State Abacha.

No matter your religion or ethnicity He would not tolerate this.


Nothing will be done to these beasts.

And like someone rightly pointed out.

Once indigenes begin to come together to fight for their right to life and not to go into extinction The military will swiftly swing into action.

This is the Government some of you voted twice and are still defending.

Just so you know You are stained.

You have blood on your hands!!

The thing is that you think you are safe.


Get your PVC,

Go to the polling unit and vote,

Not for party or tribe,

Vote for competence 

Vote for accountability 

For once be on the right side of history.

Yes, they might rig, but at least you have satisfied your conscience.

My thought and prayers are with the people of Owo Kingdom May their souls not rest Until their perpetrators be found And justice served.

By Doreen Idialu


Doreen Idialu is a lawyer, speaker, business woman and an author she has written several books, some of which are on Amazon. She could be described as a status quo analyst. She uses are social media handles to push across her messages.

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