For close to 6 hours on Monday, 4th October 2021, the world technically stood still. Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram went down.
I never realised how much we’ve built our lives around these platforms until the outage. It started when I responded to an urgent message on WhatsApp, and I noticed it was not delivering. When one of those whose message I had replied to waited in vain for my response, he called to find out if I had seen his message, as the double blue tick had notified him that his message had been read. I told him I had responded, but that it wasn’t delivering. I also told him it could most likely be the network, as I could not refresh my Facebook timeline as well. He asked that I check my data balance to be sure it had not been exhausted. Knowing fully well that I still had sufficient data on my phone, I simply heaped the blame on my network provider. Thereafter, I set out to do the following: I turned my phone’s airplane mode on and off, and when there was no improvement, I switched off my phone, removed my sim card and cleaned it properly with a white handkerchief, just in case. When the above troubleshooting methods failed to restore the apps, I visited other websites, and when they opened, I knew something was wrong.  My suspicions were confirmed when Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram put out an official statement on some major news platform stating that the apps were down, and that they were doing all that they could to have it restored. Omo x 1million! At this point, several thoughts began to run through my mind. 

1.       I am running some sponsored ads for some organisations on Facebook and Instagram. Two of these ads are expected to last till December 2021. What will I tell these clients bayi? 

2.       What if Zuckerberg has run away to his village with all our money, how do we get him to make a refund? 

3.       Let’s even assume Zuckerberg ran away with our money, how do we locate him? Who has his phone number? 

4.       What alternative would be as reliable as Whatsapp and Facebook?  

5.       What would happen to businesses who rely heavily on these apps to carry out their daily activities? 

6.       How do we begin to find our way back to NIPOST, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger and 2Go?

Who would help us write a letter of apology like this? For once in a long time, I realised the Channels on my decoder were more interesting when I pressed my phone as I watched the television. For the first time ever, I asked myself, how did Zuckerberg come to own the biggest and most powerful social media apps in the world? How?  

Written by John Olugbemi

By floramichaels

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