Now that you have gotten your pre-pregnancy shape and size back, you know with a few perks here and there. *winks* you did not lose the full bust, the round cheeks and the wider hips.*winks* again. How do you intend maintaining this shape? Remember it is easier to gain weight than lose weight.

Besides, nothing lasts forever but some things can last for a lifetime if it is regularly maintained save for wear and tear.  Our body is not designed to remain the same forever. It will definitely age at some point and that’s why we must maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep that shape by doing the following:

  1. Don’t deviate from your exercise routine: It is quite easy to stop the routine which earned you the flat tummy and pre-pregnancy shape. After all, you don’t need a girdle or tummy shaper to fit into your body con dress.  So, why stick to the exercise routine? It is important that you continue your physical exercise even if it’s twice weekly. This is to enable you keep that shape without adding unnecessary weight. Another secret to maintaining your shape is this:
  2. Reduce carbohydrates: Rather than eating lots of carbohydrates, eat lots of fibre and protein. fiber aids in digestion, helps you feel full, and keeps blood cholesterol levels in check. Green leafy vegetables should not be overlooked such as pumpkin leaves, bitter leaf, efo riro, green etc. You can cook a bowl of soup and eat it alone. Important thing is to reduce carbohydrates especially when you do not do a lot of physical activities. The trick is to make sure you use up the energy the carbohydrates deposits in your body.
  3. Remain Disciplined: Once you have achieved your body goals, remain disciplined, don’t back slide to a non-organised eating schedule. Try as much as possible to maintain the eating routine of twice daily and if you can’t keep up, eat foods in smaller portions if you eat thrice daily. So, ensure you don’t overstuff yourself with food, eat enough to make you strong and not too much to make you heavy. You can increase your cheat day to twice weekly.
  4. Drink water: Water remains your best friend, drink water before going to bed and drink water when you wake up in the morning, avoid soft drinks and sugar as this can easily lead to weight gain. You can indulge in soft drinks once in a while, but you should be strategic about this, you should also create a routine for your soft drink intake. Maybe during festivities, or once in two weeks or once in a month. Develop what works for you.


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