If there is one thing that you cannot take away from the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Nyesom Wike, it is the fact that he would never pretend to love what he hates.
Asides from the fact that he does not ‘send anybody,’ this fearless Governor of Rivers State is a ‘one-man mopol’ who is determined to start the restructuring conversation in our lifetime and right before our eyes.
For quite a while now, VAT collection by the Federal Inland Revenue System (FIRS) on behalf of the federal government has been a subject of controversy.
Just in case you do not know, consumers pay VAT when they purchase goods or obtain services. All goods and services (produced within or imported into the country) are taxable except those specifically exempted by the VAT Act. 
The FIRS, which administers the tax, transfers the generated revenue to the three levels of government via the federation accounts allocation committee (FAAC).
Wike is not pleased with this arrangement. He took the FIRS to court and got a restraining order to prevent the FIRS from collecting VAT and empowered the Rivers state government to take charge. 
This judgement has not gone down well with the FIRS, and they are presently strategizing on how to stage a come-back. 
In my opinion, this issue of VAT is a good development. It will compel the respective State Governors to wear their thinking caps and to look inwards.
The routine of states governors and their commissioners of finance coming to Abuja at the end of every month, cap in hands to share FAAC will come to an end.
Hopefully, agriculture will yet again become attractive, State Governors will do more to secure their states and attract investors, MSMEs will be encouraged, while indolence and mediocrity will be thrown out of the window.
Governor Nyesom Wike has continued to make us proud. For this reason, History will have no choice but to be kind to him.
For the umpteenth time, Wike has emerged my man of the week!
Written by John Olugbemi

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