Just as we were getting ready for church on Sunday, we ran out of cooking gas. For as long as I can remember, this is the first time in a long while that we would run out of cooking gas on a Sunday morning. Indeed, the devil is a liar!
As a proactive somebody that I am, I quickly picked up the cylinder and dashed off to the nearest gas station. When I got to the gate, I saw some persons standing with their gas cylinders. The expression on their face was a sober one.
If not for the fact that I saw a young man coming out with a bottle of cylinder delicately positioned on his shoulder, I would have thought something dreadful had happened. 
Well, since I was running late for church, I simply walked up to the cashier and handed him N4,500 telling him I needed to fill up my 12.5kg cylinder. He looked at me, shook his head, and said; ‘Bros, 12.5kg is now N5,500.’
‘Please do not allow the devil to use you this early Sunday morning,’ (I told him in my mind).
How? I queried? ‘I bought 12.5kg for N4,500 a few weeks ago, how come it’s now N5,500?’ I fired at him. With a low voice, he responded, ‘Bros, I’m as shocked as you are. I resumed this morning to see the management directive. As it is now, I feel like running away from Nigeria’, he concluded. 
I looked behind me to see some persons who also came to fill their cylinders listening in on our conversation.
The cashier’s tone was soothing. He shared with us some stories that made us realize he was truly in touch with the realities of the Nigeria that we now live in. With the way he addressed us, one would have thought he would do ‘giveaway.’
Las las, we all queued up, paid the new rates, and had our cylinders filled. Those who did not have enough money on them bought what they could afford.
As I walked out of the station, I overheard some persons discussing Nigeria, where we are headed and what the future had in store for our children and unborn generation. I greeted them politely with a smile.
As I made my way home, I began to wonder.
In a country where the price of goods and services keep going up, the need for business owners to empathize with their clients cannot be over-emphasized. 
Also, the need to train and retrain front desk officers and those who handle the organisation’s official telephone number is a topic that needs to be constantly kept at the front burner. 
People are passing through so much daily. A kind word or two will go a long way to make them feel better, help them feel better, restore their confidence, and give them hope of a brighter future. 
As a business owner, if you have a committed client that you have not heard from in a while, please check up on them. Call them. Send them a text message. Get to a point where you realise that the world does not revolve around you alone. 
As I got home, I thought to myself, even though the words of the cashier at the gas station is soothing, I hope that the price of cooking gas does not go above what it presently is.


Written by John Olugbemi.

By floramichaels

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