Women can be anything and everything in one lifetime.  One moment, there are known as the girl child and some years down the line, they become ladies and later on become mothers. But the journey to motherhood is a different story filled with mindboggling challenges ranging from vomiting to loss of appetite to weakness of the body to cramps to developing a huge appetite and that’s how the tummy becomes big aside the baby that is growing in there. Remember the saying “I am eating for two.”  This came about from the pregnancy brouhaha, because you have to eat for yourself and for the sake of your unborn child.  

However, every woman wants to have a lovely body after child birth, infact most women can’t wait to be delivered of their babies before they go back to their previous cloth size, they long to wear their sexy clothes post pregnancy but this is almost always never the case.

First things first, all bodies are different, so while some women have no trouble returning to their pre-pregnancy shape and size, other women use a lifetime to get back their pre-pregnancy shape and size and others may never have that pre-pregnancy shape and size. It is interesting to observe that with each child delivery comes a different shape for the woman. It could be a wider hips or a bigger tummy, or a bigger breast or something. There is always something different after each child birth and sometimes, some women naturally have the tendency to develop bigger tummies due to their body shape.

One of the most important thing for most women when assessing their shape is having a flat tummy, women love the fuller breasts and bigger hips and buttocks but they dislike the protruding tummy. I call it “the full package.” Its difficult to lose selected fat such as tummy fat without losing other fats like the buttocks and the hips. Losing weight the right way is a full package venture.

So, here is how to get your body back after childbirth.  Please be warned that results may vary for each individual. However, this article serves as a guide based on proven methods that have worked for some mothers who have two to three kids and a lovely body post pregnancy which makes many people doubt that these women actually birthed children.

Give it Time

Timing is everything. It took you nine (9) months to grow a child and a protruding belly, it will equally take you a longer period of time to have a flat belly. Rome was not built in a day, the same way your tummy did not get big in a day.  So, while you patiently wait for your tummy to shrink or your delivery fat to melt, you should:


Many women underestimate the power of physical exercise. Consistent physical exercise will enable you keep in shape. It could taking long walks or jogging for 30minutes to 1 hour, this must be done regularly like thrice weekly.  It could be yoga, there are many yoga poses that helps in burning belly fat such as plank, side plank etc. Again, consistency is key. I will recommend that at the early stages of trying to get your body in shape, you should exercise daily and subsequently reduce it to twice or thrice weekly. Creating a routine is the perfect way to get back to shape. Talking about routine you should:

Plan your meals

Do you love eating a variety of starchy foods popularly called “swallows” such as eba, poundo yam, pounded yam, fufu, elebo?  Then you should eat this strategically. I advise you stay away from eba as this makes you heavy. However, if you must eat eba, eat little quantity and have it no later than 4pm so that you can give it enough time to digest before bedtime. I will recommend that you either eat more of poundo potato, amala, agidi or eko and lots of soup rather than eating eba. More importantly swallows should be consumed once weekly and if you really love it then twice weekly. So consider it as your reward for sticking to your routine and as you are well aware, sticking to your routine entails discipline. 


Being discipline means knowing when to eat and how to eat. It is not enough to plan your meals, but you must also know when you should eat. For non-breasting feeding mothers, you can elect to eat twice daily. Have your breakfast between 10am and 11am or thereabout and afterwards stick to drinking lots of water and eating fruits for the rest of the afternoon. Your next meal should be in the evening between 6pm to 7pm.  After the 7pm window stay away from meals until the next meal cycle which should be around 10am to 11am. If you are hungry before bedtime, it is advisable to consume fruits such as bananas, pineapples, apples etc or salad. Salad keeps you full for the rest of the night. Also consume lots of water. Within a week, your body will adjust to this routine.  Have a cheat day, preferably Sunday where you get to eat thrice daily.

For breastfeeding mothers who are eager to get a flat tummy while breastfeeding, it is a herculean task, but it is achievable if you set your mind to it. Breastfeeding can be draining, so I recommend you stick to oat as midnight snacks because it is fibre and it is also filling and will enable you produce breast milk rather than bread which is starchy.  You can also eat lots of soup and very small quantity of swallow once in two days. 

Again, consistency is key and if you do this regularly, within a period of one month, you will begin to see results and within a period of three months you should have your desired size whether it is size 8, 10, 12, 14 ,16 etc.


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