When I eventually have the kind of money that I want, like the kind of serious money that I want, I will get a good team of lawyers, and I will sue GTB. 
Yes, I will sue Guarantee Trust Bank for all that they’re worth, and I will sue them for the following reasons.
1. Emotional Stress: Do you know how it feels when you use the USSD code to recharge airtime and you get debited without being credited? Do you know how it feels when you receive random debit alerts for some incomprehensible jargons? 
My dear brothers and sisters, that is emotional stress, and I am sure my lawyers will be able to prove it.
2. Psychological Stress: Sometime around December last year, a client paid some money into my GTB account for a job. Immediately, I went ahead to disburse the funds to the respective vendors who would assist me to get the job done. But then, I observed that I did not receive a debit alert.
Since the respective vendors all confirmed receipt of the monies that I sent, I did not think much about it until last week when I was in a crucial meeting.
Suddenly, I began to get debit alerts back to back. That kind of alert that comes without a description. If not for the fact that the account was almost empty, I would have thought I had fallen victim to online fraud. Yet, the debit alert persisted.
At some point, I thought my village pipu were withdrawing money from my future. 
To avoid any form of stories that touches the heart, I quickly excused myself to put a call to the customer service. After listening to their signature music for close to 30minutes, the customer care agent simply apologised and told me that the debit alerts were for transactions that I carried out in most part of December last year. I was livid! 
How dare you put me through this kind of stress? I am sure my lawyers will be able to prove my case.
3. Defamation/Misrepresentation of Character: Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, do you realise how embarrassing it is when you transfer money for a service, get debited and the person to whom the money is transferred to does not get credited immediately? 
This is exactly what happened to me when I stopped by a supermarket to get some groceries last week. I had wanted to use their POS machine to make payment only to be told that the network was down. 
The cashier and I began to stare at each other until someone who looked like the manager walked up to me and offered to allow me to do a direct transfer to the supermarket account number. I was more than glad after I realised it was a GTB account number.
Instantly, I did a direct transfer using the USSD code and showed him my debit alert after I had done so. He checked the phone that he was holding and said; ‘Oga, I neva see am’. Both of us stood in awkward silence for 15 minutes as he waited to ‘see am.’ 
Since he was busy with other things, he excused himself, but not without looking at me in a ‘criminalish’ way. As he walked towards me almost 30 minutes later. I heard his phone beep. He looked at me again, brought out the phone from his pocket and said, ‘Oga, I don see am. You fit carry your things dey go now. No mind GTB, na so dem dey do.’
I thanked him, and made up my mind right there and then to add ‘defamation/misrepresentation of character’ to the suit. I am sure my team of lawyers will be able to prove this case beyond any reasonable doubt.
When the Judge eventually award damages to me, I will give a vote of thanks. While doing so, I will advise GTB to open a fashion house and start a fashion business if they are tired of banking. After all, their Fashion Show was a hit once upon a time. 
Meanwhile, If you personally know anyone who has an active bank account with GTB, please give us a hug and put some money in our hands. We are not finding it funny.

Written by John Olugbemi.®

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