In the unfortunate circumstances, you or anyone around you loses his or her phone to phone thieves, here is a guide to prevent financial losses in order to prevent the phone thieves from stealing money from your bank account through the USSD code.

Once your phone is stolen or someone’s phone is stolen, you can quickly deactivate your USSD profile or assist the person in deactivating their USSD profile to their BANK ACCOUNT by dialing the codes below from *ANY PHONE.* 

1. Access: *901*911#

 2. Zenith: *966*911# 

3. GTB: *737*51*74#

4. WEMA: *945*911# 

5. First Bank: *894*911# 

6. Keystone: *7111*911#

7. UBA: *919*911#

 8. FCMB: *329*911# 

9. Sterling Bank: *822*911# 

10. Unity Bank: *7799*911# 

11. Fidelity Bank: *770*911# 

12. Heritage Bank: *745*7#

I3. Ecobank  *326*911#

When you dial the code from any line, you will be asked to enter the phone number you want to deactivate. Once done, your phone number will be deactivated which makes it impossible for the phone thieves to access your bank account through USSD.


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