Amidst all that is happening in Nigeria, the people of the world are determined to keep NYSC in the news. It started with a motion by a member of the House of Representatives to scrap the scheme.
Secondly, it was the story of a certain young man from Zaria. Just in case you did not know, it was said that a young man from Zaria collected his NYSC call-up letter some days back. Upon receiving the letter, he proceeded to Uyo, the Akwa-Ibom State capital to report.
It was when he got to his destination that he realised he was at the wrong place. He was supposed to go to Oyo and not Uyo. It was at that point he came to terms with the difference between Uyo and OYO or O.Y.O (Pun intended).
While reacting to moves by the House of Representatives to scrap the NYSC scheme, the NYSC DG said corps members are part of Nigeria’s national defence policy. He said they can be mobilised for war if need be. He also said in the event of a serious war, corps members can be trained and mobilised.
This statement did not go down well with Nigerians. While some executive members of the people of the world accused the DG of plotting to kill corp members because of ‘ordinary’ N33k allowee, other back benchers accused him of being insensitive.
Though we cannot deny the fact that we live in perilous times, a season where everyone should acquire basic combat skills for self-defence, it is time we all begin to ask ourselves some very honest questions.
Come to think of it, if someone can still mistake Uyo for Oyo at this time and age, would it not require more than 3-weeks orientation to make such a person combat ready?

Written by John Olugbemi

By floramichaels

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