VPNs are becoming increasingly popular because it lets you browse securely. Who does not like safe browsing while enjoying the numerous benefits of the internet? With the recent ban on certain sites such as twitter, VPN is becoming a necessity should you decide to stay connected with the world and also enjoy the numerous benefits that abound on the net. Sometimes, its not about a site being banned in your jurisdiction but its about you trying to feel more Japanese or American than the Japanese or American by watching their Netflix shows which are not available in your jurisdiction. It might even be something as little as you trying to purchase a product which is not available in your jurisdiction. VPNs are simply virtual private networks which lets you have online privacy and create a blanket of anonymity by encrypting your internet traffic and identity. In such instances, you become most likely untraceable by third parties.

I know we all have that soft spot for freebies, so here are free VPNs that you can explore in 2021 :

  1. ProtonVPN Free ( No data limit and no speed limits)
  2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN ( Data limit of 500MB per day)
  3.  Windscribe free ( Data limit of 2G to 10G per month but has high security measures)
  4. TunnelBear ( Data limit of 500 MB and security and encryption is good and installation is simple and fast)
  5. Speedify ( Data Limit of 2G per month)
  6.  Hide.me ( Data limit of 10G and zero storage of internet activities as well as 24/7 access to customer support).
  7. ZoogVPN ( Data limit of 10G to 50G per month data limit and it has multiple encryption protocols).

These VPNs are free and a little bit safer as a freebie when compared to its other free VPN counterparts which might not exactly protect your privacy. Generally free VPNS are not safe because they tend to collect your data and sell it to third parties.

SO, if you cannot stomach such risks or if you are not into freebies and have a knack for paying for all services and products, then you can explore using the paid VPNs. If you are also a strong believer of the saying that “there is no free lunch anywhere” then you can consider this list of paid VPNs that you can try out.

  1. ExpressVPN: Based on personal experience, this is really good.
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark

Now that you have a rudimentary idea on VPNs, which one would you go for?


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