You might be wondering if there is a thing as relationship sickness–  well, there is. Just as the human body gets sick and requires treatment, in the same vein a relationship gets sick.

Ever wondered why you have sudden breakups and divorce and we ask ourselves questions like: why did we breakup? Why did I get a divorce? Did I miss something? Did I do something wrong?

That’s because your relationship just like physical sickness has been sick for a long time before it manifested into a breakup or divorce and that is why it is necessary to do a relationship check-up to determine if your relationship is sick. 

So here are the 5 things to check to know the status of your relationship:

Love language assessment: This will help you discover both you and your partner’s love codes.  A love language assessment will give you an opportunity to let your partner know how you would like to be loved.

Premarital/marital assessment: Are you just a sex partner? Or a partner in all areas? Knowing the current state of your relationship will help you know the areas of your relationship you need to pay attention to.

Beliefs assessment: Knowing your partner’s beliefs will assist you in knowing if you are compatible or not. It will also enable you make an informed decision to continue or discontinue your relationship.

Personality assessment: Knowing your personality and that of your partner will assist you in having a deeper understanding of why you both act the way you do.  It will make you know your weakness, his or her weaknesses and strengths.

Compatibility assessment: By using the seven dimensions of compatibility you can tell if your partner or partner to be is right for you.

Share this with your partner because you both need to see this!  

Written by Miracle Onyedikachi Ihuoma

By floramichaels

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