You know how everyone says good communication is the bedrock of every relationship?

What if you have a fantastic and generous partner but a bad communicator?

It means:

  • You won’t be able to share your fears and dreams with your partner.
  • You will be disrespected most times.
  • You will feel your partner is uncaring. 

Communication draws couples together, creates a deep connection and brings about great relationships. That is why, it is important to ask yourself these questions to know whether you have great communication in your relationship.

  1. Do I listen when he or she talks?

Listening means, he or she cares about you. It means whatever is important to you is equally important to him or her. It means you value him or her.  It means you have regard for him or her. 

2. Do I look at him or her to show i am interested in him or her?

Being interested in what he or she is saying or doing shows commitment. It shows care. It shows concern and this builds a stronger affection called LOVE.

3.  Do I say hurtful things i don’t really mean when i am joking or angry? 

Not saying hurtful things when angry or joking shows you deliberately choose not to damage the esteem of your partner.


My partner and I have great sex, but we do not have great communication. Does this mean, our relationship is bad?


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