Huge benefits of avocado cooking oil that you would have never known about.


Due to its lightness, it mixes well with other food.


Due to its mild and delicate flavour, it brings out the flavour of other foods unlike other oils which dominates the flavour of other foods.


Avocado oil withstands high cooking temperature. Its smoke point is 255c(490f) which is quite high.


Did you know that fried foods can become healthier if cooked with avocado oil?

I bet you did not know these health benefits of avocado cooking oil.

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Quick tip on making avocado cooking oil :

1. Rinse the avocado pear
2. Scoop out the avocado
3. Using a spoon, mix and mash the avocado and spread it on a tray.
4. Leave it for hours (12hours or more) until the colour turns black.
5. Put the black avocado in a plastic bag and squeeze out the oil with your hand.


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