Have you wondered why Bill and Melinda Gates decided to have a divorce after 27years of being married? It is not rocket science and it only shows that even the marriages which are perceived to be the best have their unique challenges. The Gates divorce only shows that no relationship is permanent and just like plants which needs to be watered and exposed to sunlight to grow, relationships must be nurtured else they will whither away.

Here are the 5 reasons why most people fail at their relationships:

  1. Narcissism

This is a situation when the person feels entitled to everything. The person has superiority complex.  The person is also extremely selfish and feels contempt towards others.  The person thinks he or she   should be worshipped or he or she is doing you a favour by being your friend or by talking to you or by being with you.

  •  Empty nest syndrome 

Wondering how Bill and Melinda gates decided to get separated after 27 years of marriage?  Maybe it’s the EMPTY NEST SYNDROME both might have grown apart as the years went by. When those things that keeps couples together are absent, then the empty nest syndrome kicks in.

  • Emotional blackmail

This is another type of manipulation. Here the person uses your feelings of kindness or sympathy to make you do something he or she wants! In other words, they prey on your fear, sense of duty, guilt or an obligation to make you do what they want.   

  • Selfishness  

This is another factor that makes one fail at his or her relationship.  When a person does not consider others, other than his or her wellbeing. Then this might end up breaking whatever relationship he or she finds his or herself.  It can never be all about you!

  • Manipulation

The sad thing about this is that you could be manipulative for so long and get away with it.  But the moment your partner discovers that he or she has been manipulated the relationship ends. And if in doubt, just know that to manipulate means to control someone in a clever or skillful manner. 

Do you know of any other reasons why people fail at their relationship?

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