“Depress…depression…Depressing…depressed.” I muttered.

My hands were pulling at my unkempt hair and I kept shaking my legs like someone suffering from Parkinson disease.

I mustered every strength in me to restrain the tear from rolling down my cheeks.

I was in a state of confusion. The things that once gave me joy were now an object of disinterest.

“What is wrong with this attention seeker? ” Amaka asked Uchenna her voice sounded like an attempted whisper.

They both sat in the living room and periodically threw glances at me. Uchenna disliked all forms of gossip, but she feared disappointing her sister. So she always muttered when it got to issues like this.

“What is wrong with her?” Amaka asked again.

This time her voice boomed… It was loud and unpleasant to my ears. She nudged Uchenna who had pretended not to hear her the first time.

“She is depressed.” Uchenna casually said.

Depre gini?” So this is how we would spend our holiday? She is just pretending so that we would do all the house chores. I won’t be a party to this charade.”

Erm … Depression means feelings of severe despondency and dejection. It is a mental condition and she can’t help herself from feeling unhappy and disinterested in everything. She needs help” Uchenna spoke up.

“Shut up. So you want us to be known as those girls whose stepmom is cuckoo. No one will ever see us as a socialite if word gets out.” Amaka slammed back at Uchenna.

“For once it is not about us, it is about her. We need to help her.” Uchenna insisted.

“We can start by talking to her.” Uchenna continued.

“What if she is crazzzzzy, she will attack us. Just take a look at her.” Amaka screamed.

She seems excited at the thought of me being crazy. I thought.

“Anyways, let’s tell Daddy. He will know what to do. At least he wished away Mom when he thought she was crazy and brought in this one.” Amaka said thoughtfully.


“Ha. At last, we have gotten her attention.” I told you she was pretending.” Amaka said. She pointed an accusing finger at Uchenna.

“Are you two in this together? Playing pranks on me a whole Amaka. The prettiest of them Damsels. The next Most Beautiful Girl In The World. You two are in for a treat by the time I tell Daddy.” Amaka said.

Uchenna shook her head. “You are so full of yourself and this would lead you to trouble someday. “

“Nah Nothing bad ever happens to me. Haven’t you heard I am good luck itself?” Amaka exclaimed.

“We both know that our stepmom is the most beautiful of all women. So let’s not discuss this.” Uchenna said.

Amaka was furious.

“How can you say that? Have you seen my long hair for an African girl? Ha! Its like you do not know the meaning of beautiful.” Amaka said.

She was excited to have returned the attention to herself. She loved herself more than any other thing in the world. She never spared a thought for anyone but herself. She was so vain and Uchenna disliked the vanity she unapologetically displayed.

I stood up and headed straight for my room. Climbing up the stairs reminded me of my childhood days when I would play with friends and neighbours all day long during the holidays.

I touched the rails but I couldn’t feel the Mahogany. My hands felt numb. It was one of those days when I felt useless. I made it to my room without any incident. I was relieved. I switched on the TV, there were airing my favourite Movie – Black Panther. But I had no interest in it.

I went to the bathroom, the water felt like nothing. It was pure torture bathing. I walked out and viola! My husband was there, his hands were behind his back. He was hiding something.

“Hello love.” He said.

“Oh! You are back early. I haven’t cooked anything. I thought you would be coming home much later. I was about cooking.” I said in a rush.

“Hmmm…. is that how to greet your Hubby? ” He said. He pulled me towards him and planted a kiss on my lips. I shuddered.

“What s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

” I got something for you. Close your eyes.” He said.

He put the ring on my finger.

“Now open it.” He said.

“It is lovely. Thank you.” I said.

” I know silver is your thing.” He pulled me into his hands.

“Thanks” I muttered.

He began kissing me. His kiss was like that of a hungry lion who has been waiting for its prey for unending days. He peeled my towel off my body. My husband was never one to admire the naked body of a woman. He considered it strange and weird to do so. He always behaved like a primitive man when making love. He just heads straight for the garden without much foreplay. I have come to accept him for he was. At first, I was never sexually satisfied and later on, I got used to having sex in that way.

Today, he had a different agenda.
He pulled me to the bed and asked me to bend over and raise my butt upwards. I did this. He quickly removed his trousers and started pounding and within seconds he was through.

He collapsed on the bed and slept off. I sat down on the bed staring at him like a stranger. After some minutes I stood up and washed off his fluid from my body.

“Oh did you enjoy it?” He asked in a sleepy voice.

“Yes,” I muttered.

My husband has never been the observant type. I remembered that one time we had sex and I kept screaming and moaning from pleasure. Yes. Sheer pleasure as I guided him through the process.

“Touch here and use your hands to rub here while dipping your finger inside.”

“Yes yes yes that’s it. You are the boss. Mehnn…oooo …Ha……chai…” I kept muttering until I climaxed.

The sheer thought of it turned me on. I looked at my previous source of pleasure and I shook my head.


I had other things to worry about. I couldn’t bear to see him with my stepdaughter-Amaka, that is my ex-lover and this made me sad. I sometimes felt she seduced him to spite me. I had always told him that she was toying with him. She was after all, underage and shouldn’t be dating.
I loved him too much to give him up but I warned him about her and that’s when he confessed to me that he had eaten from her garden and she was carrying his child.
I was shocked at first, then I asked what he wanted to do about it. He said he was going to marry her because he wanted her to keep the baby. But she wasn’t willing to keep it and he threatened to report to her father who happens to be my husband.
I didn’t want the messy details, I suspected he must have told her about us. I had many sleepless nights as a result of this.

But he was dead now. Murdered in cold blood.

None of them knew he was dead or so I thought. They thought he quit driving the family without informing them. Everyone had expressed their dismay from his method of resignation. I wondered how much I could keep up with the charade. I wondered if the police would trace his murder to this house. I wondered if they would find out that he was my ex-lover.

Felix as we do call him was quite educated to be a driver, but my husband said he preferred an enlightened person. He was paid handsomely to drive. But what my husband never knew was that part of his job description was also fucking me. He was sooooooo good in bed. He could pound me for minutes but the best part was him eating my garden. He ate it so well that I always teased him.
“What incision are you making in my garden?” I asked him one hot sunny afternoon.

The girls were boarders and were not due till the end of the month. My husband travelled for another business deal. I was alone and I was bored. The trip to the mall did not ease my boredom and I had no friends to chat with.
“Your garden is clean and tidy… I was only watering it …” He said with a grin.

I laughed and moaned in pleasure at once. With Felix, my body was never enough. He always took his time and could kiss and caress for unending hours until I collapse from the pleasure before he plunges in. But with my husband, I never get touched enough before he plunges in.

But laugher was in the past. The present was bleak and the future might be bleaker.


In the distance, I could hear the sirens and I knew it was time.

They broke into the apartment. I sat down helplessly. I heard them stomping their feet on the stairs and all I could think of was the mess they were making.

I saw Amaka and Uchenna behind them.

“Officers, my parents are sleeping. Officer, you can’t just walk into their bedroom.” Uchenna said.

Our room door was flung open with an unusual force. I was in my bathrobe starring at the mirror.

“Mrs Ijeoma Nwosu… you are under arrest for the murder of Mr Felix Adigun.” The arresting officer said.

“What is going on here?” My husband jumped from the bed. He was naked. He quickly grabbed the bedsheets to cover his body.

“She is not going with you.” He said in a firm voice.

“Please step aside. Else you will be charged for obstructing justice.” The arresting officer said.

” I did not do it.” I screamed.

“It wasn’t me” I shouted.

“Please help me,” I begged.

My husband looked on helplessly while Amaka smirked in triumph and at that moment I knew she did it.


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