There is a very thin line between being caring and being possessive. Most times we are in love and cannot tell it apart. Other times we forget that being in a healthy and progressive relationship is the best type of relationship we can get. We are so focussed on having a partner, that we wave or shrug off signs either huge or little of abusive tendencies in a relationship. Being possessive is an emotional abuse because the person loses his or her identity and self-worth if he or she is not strong enough to fight off that possessive tendencies they encounter in their partner. So here is 5 ways to tell that your partner is possessive.

  1. They Stalk you: When you are being followed such as they show up unexpectedly in a place you did not invite them. they go through your phone all the time. they are always trailing you on social media platforms. My brother or sister you are being stalked and that partner of yours is possessive.
  2. Constant Messages: So it works like this. they send you several text messages within a short space of time to check up on you just because you are hanging out with friends or colleagues or just because you are out. and when you do not respond they get angry and bombard you with a good number of phone calls. mind you, they don’t do this, if you are not out.
  3. Constant Phone Calls: they constantly call you to know where you are and what you are doing. i mean they literally call you hourly TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WHEREABOUTS. if you don’t pick their calls, they keep calling you until you eventually pick or until your phone battery goes flat. when they eventually see you, you will discover that they were only calling to check up on you.
  4. They have phone numbers of everyone around you: When you don’t pick his or her phone calls, they call everyone close to you like your room mate, course mate, work colleague, sister, brother and sometimes even your mother to ask about your whereabouts.
  5. They hate to see you have friends or talk to the opposite sex: They try to sabotage your friendships because they want you all to themselves. they hate to see you talk to the opposite sex and like to inquire about the discussion. sometimes they cause mayhem because you spoke to the opposite sex. now that’s a possessive partner.

If your partner have one or some or all of these attributes or characteristics, then your partner is possessive. Watch out for our next article on what to do if your partner is possessive.


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