Do you know mangoes are the king of all fruits? Well, it is the king because:

  • It has an excellent taste;
  • Most people around the world love mangoes and ;
  • There are up to 40 varieties of mangoes

Since almost everyone loves mangoes, it would be nice to know the different ways you can eat mangoes. Below are 5 basic ways to eat mangoes:

  1. Smoothie : You can blend mangoes, yogurt and ice cubes to make yourself a mango smoothie. Its easy and basic.
  2. Juice: This is pretty basic and can be made in a variety of ways. All you need to do is chop the mangoes into cube, get ice cubes, sugar and water and blend. You can use honey in place of sugar.
  3. Salad: You can make a mango salad. There are different recipes such as the mango quinoa salad, spicy green mango noodle salad and roasted shrimp and mango salad.
  4. Fruit: No need to beat around the bush, just thoroughly wash your mangoes with salt and water and eat it. Some prefer to eat the inner later of the mango while discarding the outer later and others eat both the inner and outer layer.
  5. Kabob: This is simply basic. Just dice your mangoes into cube, put it on a toothpick and dip in yogurt.

Asides the basic ways you can eat mangoes, mangoes also have numerous healthy benefits which is one extra reason why you should consume a lot of this exotic fruit during its season. Below are 5 healthy benefits of eating mangoes:

  1. Clears clogged pore and eliminates pimples.

2. Good eyesight and prevent dry eyes owing to its provision of 25% of the daily need value of vitamin A.

3. Combats heat stroke: Mango cools the body and prevents it from overheating if consumed as juice.

4. Aids digestion: The fiber in mangoes aids digestion.

5. Prevents Cancer: The antioxidant compound in mangoes assists in preventing cancer.


Mangoes also boosts one’s immunity system due to its high level of vitamin A.


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