Maybe your parents did not tell you or they don’t even know any better. Maybe you have been wondering why your partner broke-up with you after you visited and spent some days with him or her. You might even be wondering why your partner has not proposed or why she has not said YES to your proposal.

It all bores down to some reservations about your personal habits which are dirty and irritating to say the least. Yes, people behave differently for ridiculous reasons and it is not woke to have dirty personal habits. So here are 5 dirty personal habits you shouldn’t have in a relationship, if you truly desire to take your relationship to the next base.

  1. Soaking Dirty Under wears for days: So there is a stain on your panties, that’s why you soaked it. Great! Hey! Don’t forget to wash it off. It is a dirty habit to keep it soaked for days. Some partners get turned off by this habit. I vividly remember the story of a man who refused to marry his fiancĂ©e for this particular act of soaking under wears. His reason? it shows she is a dirty woman.
  2. Unkept Pubic Hair: It is neater to shave so that your private part can be thoroughly cleaned when taking a bath. But if you are on team #keeppubic hair. Then trim it and keep it neat. No one wants to see dirty hair dangling all over that place.
  3. Unwashed boxers: Guys, this is especially for you. It is a dirty habit to wear boxers for days without changing or washing it. Lots of residue are deposited on the boxers during the day such as urine droplets etc. Also, it stinks to move around in that type of unhygienic condition. Have you really thought of the damage it does to your private part? It is even unimaginable.
  4. Unflushed Toilet : So you pooed or urinated in the toilet? Ok. Its normal everyone poos and wees. How about flushing the toilet after the act? Don’t tell me you were seriously expecting your partner to flush for you! It is a very dirty habit to leave your poo or wee unflushed. This habit has put a lot of strain on relationships.
  5. Leaving pee droplets and mensural blood stains : Yes you urinated in the toilet. We all know that. How about cleaning up the drops on the toilet seat before leaving the toilet? You don’t need to announce your use of the toilet by leaving urine on the toilet seat. It is a dirty habit. And ladies, you should be particularly neat during your mensuration. Remember, blood smells. Most partners are irritated by this dirty habit.
  6. Create awareness : I know we said 5, but the sixth is a bonus. Rather than nagging or being cranky about these dirty habits, why not share this post with your partner or friend or siblings to create awareness. Maybe they are just not conscious of their dirty habits.


By floramichaels

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