Not everyone likes the fruit called White Star Apple or African Star Apple botanically known as “Chrysophyllum albidum” and locally known as Agbalumo in the Western part of Nigeria (Yourba),  Udara in the Eastern part of Nigeria (Igbos), Agwaluma in the Northern part of Nigeria, Ehya in the Igalaland of Kogi State in Nigeria and generally known as Cherry across Nigeria. This fruit has the penchant of tasting sour in one’s mouth, if you are unlucky to get the not so sweet type or the not so ripe ones. Not minding the sour taste, the ripe Agbalumo/Udara is usually very delicious making it a delight to eat.

African Star Apple/Agbalumo/Udara/Agwaluma is quite nutritious and can be consumed in a number of ways. Here are 7 ways to eat Agablumo.

  1. It can be eaten as a fruit.
  2. The bark is chewy and can be chewed as a gum.
  3.  The fruit can also be processed and consumed as juice.
  4. It can made into a jelly.
  5. It can be consumed as Ice cream ( Agbalumo Banana Ice-cream)
  6. It can also be taken as Tea ( Agbalumo-tea)
  7. It can also be eaten as a cake( Agbalumo-carrot cake).

While the fruit is going out of season (it is usually available from December to March in Nigeria) it can still be found in the market and among the fruit sellers.

So here are 7 nutritious benefits of Agbalumo/Udara that you probably did not know about:

  1. It is a source of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils: We all know the health benefits of carbs, proteins, fats and oils. We get to enjoy these benefits from eating Agbalumo/Udara/African Star Apple as well. Some of these benefits are: fats gives your body energy and assists with cell growth. Carbs are your body’s main source of energy and proteins assists in developing antibodies that fights off diseases and illnesses etc
  2. It is also a source of vitamins and iron:  African Star Apple has 25.03 mg/100g of Vitamin C. This means the vitamin C in Agbalumo reduces the risk of getting lung, breast and colon cancer and it also helps in lowering blood pressure. The fruit also have 10.74 µ/100g of Vitamin A, 0.15 µ/100g of Vitamin B1 and 0.04 µ/100g of Vitamin B2.
  3. Reduces sugar absorption: Studies have revealed that Agbalumo reduces sugar absorption in the body and can also serve as a detoxifier.
  4. Good for the treatment of congestive heart failure: African Star Apple contain cardiac glycoside which makes the fruit a good remedy for congestive heart failure.
  5. It has phenols, flavonoids, anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin: The flavonoids have good inflammatory properties which are powerful antioxidants agents.  This reduces your risk of having a stroke or heart attack and type 2 diabetes.
  6. It can be used as a remedy in alleviating heart related diseases and stroke being a rich source of potassium. It also helps lower blood pressure, water retention and help prevent kidney stone.
  7. Studies have revealed that Agbalumo/ Udara/Agwaluma/ White Star Apple/African Star Apple can be used for the treatment of sprains, bruises and wounds.

One great thing about African Star Apple/Agbalumo/Udara/Agwaluma is that its vitamin contents remains the same in the sweet or sour fruits.

Another observance by Scientists is that the sour African Star Apple/White Star Apple/Agbalumo/Udara/Agwaluma are richer in carbohydrates than the sweeter ones.


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