It all started as a joke.

“You can’t seduce him, in fact you cannot seduce anybody jare.” Chiamaka said.

“Are you serious?” Jennifer asked.

There was a look of disbelief on her face.

“Yes.” All the ladies in the Staffroom chorused.

Jennifer laughed loudly. “I will show you guys my other side,”  Jennifer vowed.

“Jennifer you cannot do nada. Is it your mary amaka skirt that you will use to seduce Mr. Amber? ”  Chiamaka asked.

She was championing this conversation. She felt alive discussing things of a sexual nature. She had been given the award of the Smartest Dressed Female Teacher 5 times. She was everybody’s sweetheart. The male Teachers always found an opportunity to converse with her and any female Teacher who was lucky to gain her attention felt it was an achievement.

“Besides, Mr. Amber is not interested in any of us. We are not his spec” She said.

“You think so?” Jennifer said.

Her colleagues were disinterested.

They were eavesdropping on the all Male Teachers meeting.

The male Teachers had stepped out briefly on the prompting of the Head Mistress. She loved to divide her Teachers by gender. Meetings were held in batches.

All male Teachers meetings took place on Monday.

All-female Teachers meetings took place on Tuesday

All Teachers meetings took place on Wednesday and so on.

The Head Mistress was meticulous, she also disliked the distractions that came when she allowed her Teachers to mingle during important meetings on how they should act as males or females towards the parents and the students.


Lately, the Head Mistress received complaints and allegations of her male Teachers fighting for the attention of a student’s mother- Mrs Okafor.

Mrs Okafor was the fairest of all mothers in the Fairyfield school, and most importantly she was rich.

The whiff of her perfume could make a man have an erection. When she walked men stare in awe of her beauty. She looked delicate, but she was a strong woman.

“Henceforth, no male Teacher shall interact with the mothers of his students.”  The Head Mistress voice boomed.

She couldn’t afford another scandal in her school after the great scandal which happened 5 years ago.  She was determined to protect the reputation of her school at all cost.

“Talking to the mothers of any of these students can guarantee the  termination of your employment  at Fairyfield School.”  The Head Mistress said.

“So that fight between Kunle and Latian and Obi was real? Na wa o”   Ann said whilst clapping her hands.

She was a professional gossip. Her shuku hairdo made her look weird each time she stretched her neck to hear the Head Mistress’s voice.

“What fight?” The others chorused.

Ann’s eyes shone with pleasure like a little child who has been handed over a jar of candy.

“That one where Kunle slapped Latian because he prevented him from chatting with Mrs. Okafor and Obi had a filled day walking Ngozi- Mrs. Okafor’s daughter to the car. Obi spent 30 minutes inside Mrs. Okafor’s car.  I don’t know what they were discussing.  All I  saw was Kunle running off to her parked car and knocking on the windows.

“Did she wind down?” Another asked.

“Wait for her to finish the story.” One of the other female Teachers said.

“She did.  But whatever she told Kunle made him cry like a baby. Later on, Obi was mercilessly beaten by Kunle. Kunle claimed that Obi had snatched Mrs. Okafor from him.

While Obi claimed that Lekan did not have a monopoly over Mrs. Okafor.”

“Wonders shall never end” All the Female Teachers chorused.


Jennifer waited for a month before setting her plans in motion. They were on vacation and she kickstarted it by shopping for new clothes at the second clothes market. She got a boot, a corset, a jacket, a bodycon dress and mini skirts.

On the first week of resumption, Jennifer called in sick. She wanted every child to resume before her. She wanted to make a grand entrance. On the second week after the resumption, Jennifer resumed.

She had discussed with the Head Mistress to place her on duty for that week. This meant she will come in contact with every parent of every child.

“I would like to make up for my absence by being on both morning and afternoon duty.” She said.

“That will be too much for you, I appreciate your dedication and loyalty. But I cannot accept this.” The Head Mistress had said.

“How else can I show appreciation for your magnanimity, if not by working harder.” Jennifer had explained.

In the end, the Head Mistress gave in to her request and she earned her duty spot for the week.


Jennifer was a 5 feet 10 dark-skinned girl. But upon resumption, she was miraculously light-skinned. It took Chiamaka precisely about 15 minutes to recognise her.

She had 5 piercings on her ears and all holes were lined up with earrings. Her Brazilian hair extension was 40 inches in length. She stole it at the market when no one was looking her way. How else could she have afforded it?  It was a miracle she was not caught. Maybe the attention was not on her because she bought other types of hair extensions.

“Chiamaka..CHI-amaka.” Jennifer called out while walking majestically. Her stiletto pointy heels changed her gait.  Her hips moved to the left and then to the right while her breasts bounced like bouncy balls.  Her short skirt rode up as she walked. 

“Do I know you?” Chiamaka asked.

Jennifer took off her sunglasses and stared right into the eyes of Chiamaka.

“Jennifer? Really? Is this you? You have freshened up o. Hmmm.” Chiamaka said in astonishment.

“This is me. Please do not call me Jennifer. My name is Jenny from now on.” Jennifer said.

Her heart swelled with pride. If Chiamaka could stare at her with so much admiration and envy, then she got something right.

“I like your hair extension. So long and soft.” Chiamaka said while feeling its lushness.

“This must have cost you a fortune. Wow! Show me the way now. You are a brand new woman.” Chiamaka said.

“I will, but I am on duty so I need to attend to the children rather than chitchat.”  Jennifer said as she made to walk towards the white  Volvo XC40, it was shiny and bright. Looked like it was just purchased.  She wore her perfect smile and opened the doors.

“Hello… welcome back to school Darling,” She said to the little child. Her eyes roamed and rested on the Driver. It was a woman in her mid-fifties.

She looked irritated and Jennifer looked disappointed.

“Good morning Ma’am. Pick up time is 3 pm.” She said.

The Lady in her mid-fifties looked preoccupied. She was having a phone call which appeared to be more important than dropping off her son.

“I am tired of these school runs, let him do it himself, after all, he wanted a son and I have given him one. In this old age, imagine me waking up so early to prepare him for school because he wouldn’t want anyone touching his precious son.” The Lady said.

Jennifer stood fixated, she was enjoying the cool air from the car’s air conditioner and she was interested in the conversation.

“I know he bought me this car, but it still does not make up for the stress. I need my beauty sleep. My face is wrinkled from lack of rest and by noon.. I will have to leave my business to pick my son from school.” The Lady said.

She listened for a while to what the person on the other end of the phone was saying.. then the Lady said

“He wouldn’t even let the driver pick our son. Yes, it is that bad.” The Lady said.

A whiff of hot air blew into the car that was when the Lady realised that she wasn’t alone.

“Is there anything? Why is half of your body in my car? Where is my son? You left him standing all alone while you are almost inside my car? are you alright?” The Lady in her mid-fifties was visibly upset.

“Ma’am pick up is by 3 pm, that’s what I have been trying to tell you but I did not want to interrupt your phone conversation,” Jennifer responded calmly.

“OH, I have heard you.” The Lady in her mid-fifties said.

Jennifer closed the car door, she held the hands of the golden child – Jamie while she-cat walked back to the school building.  At least she knew Mr. Amber loved his precious son so much and she will make sure the son loves her in return.

As soon as she was done with Jamie, she moved to the next car.

“I hope I have better luck with this one.” She murmured to herself.

It was a BMW X2 and she was happy to attend to the occupants of the car. She opened the door and loved the oriental fragrance of the perfume which she smelt.

She wore her best smile and used her best accent.

“Good morning Darling, welcome back to school.” She said.

The man looked perplexed. He had an amused smile.

“If this is how all schools greet, then I am certain there would be no need to change schools for the kids.” The man said.

The man’s eyes rested on her breasts which were visible from her unbuttoned shirt.

Jennifer smiled, at last, she has seen a wealthy man.

“My apologies Sir. I didn’t realise there was no child in the car.  I was under the impression that you were here to drop off your child.”

“I am here to make enquiries.” The man said.

“Of course, can you park here. I will wait for you.” Jennifer said.

The man did as he was told and when he came out of the car, Jennifer’s heart sank.

He had a fine face but he was not athletic. The bulk of his weight rested on his chest due to his bad leg. Seeing him in the car was more pleasant than seeing him on his feet.

“Bad Market” She murmured to herself.

She wondered how he drove himself in this fanciful car.

“What did you  say pretty?” The man asked.

He liked her and he was willing to flirt with her.

“Nothing Sir.  The Head Mistress office is right this way.” Jennifer pointed at the office.

“Will you not take me directly to her?” The man asked.  He put on his roguish smile. The one that has made many women’s heart melt.

“Erm… I have to attend to the other parents. I am sorry Sir.” Jennifer said meekly. She was trying to get away as fast as possible.

She walked faster and the man limped behind her as he followed in her steps.

“I insist. Else I will be left with the impression that you treat prospective clients this way.” He said.

“You don’t have to Sir. I will take you there.” Jennifer instantly disliked him, he was shrewd and knew how to get what he wanted.

She walked faster. 

“Slow down, I can’t catch up. My bad leg wouldn’t let me.” The man said apologetically, wishing to score a point with her or earn her sympathy.]

“My sincere apologies Sir. Please wait here, while I get the Head Mistress to tend to you.” Jennifer said.

Ann had the misfortune of passing at that very moment.

“Ann dear, can you please take him to the Head Mistress Office, since you are heading towards that direction?” Jennifer asked.

“He is here to make enquiries for his children.”  Jennifer answered before Ann had an opportunity to ask.

“Sir, this is Ann, she will take you to the Head Mistress Office, she also happens to be the Administrative Officer saddled with the admission process. She is the best person to answer your questions.” Jennifer said. She was glad to get rid of him.

“OH ok. Hello Ann.” The man murmured.


Jennifer was not willing to share her newly found number one spot with anyone. But the whole week had not yielded any desired result in seducing the man she had her eyes on. Today was Friday and her last day to make an impact or get that man to be interested in her.  By next week, she would be seated in the class and will have no opportunity to mingle with the parents of the children.

She had met Mr. Amber twice during the week, he was Jamie’s father, he was handsome and cool. But he did not spare a moment glance towards her. Maybe, that was because he was with his wife- the Lady in the mid-fifties. She couldn’t tell. But she loved the challenge. Other men were so easy and she had them wrapped around her little finger. She had been taken to 10 different fanciful restaurants by 10 different male parents during the week. She had also been gifted pieces of jewellery and even cash gifts by these men. She only slept with 5 of them and that’s because she didn’t want them getting upset that she led them on.  She remembered that one time that she rubbed off her breast on Timi’s father while pretending to get Timi’s bag from the car. Timi’s father ensured he had a taste of her, in his car. It was a quickie of 3 seconds. Afterwards, he did a transfer of N300,000. It was N100,000 for each second. Now that was a fast one. She was had bargained with him and even threatened to scream that she was being raped before he gave in to giving her that much money.

How about Glady’s father who invited her to his home and gifted her a piece of jewellery worth  N2million. He made her promise never to wear it to school. She could swear that it was his wife’s piece of jewellery. She sold it off and made a fortune from the deal. After her escapade with him, he never came to drop off or pick up Gladys. But his wife did and she had an intimidating look each time she came.

She also overheard Mrs. Amber talking about her. One lucky thing for her was that their son- Jamie loved her. He couldn’t have enough of her care.

“Miss Jenny said this and Miss Jenny said that…” was all he talked about all week long.

Jennifer wore her bright smile for Jamie, after all it was her last day of being on duty until 3 months from now and she might as well enjoy it.  But she had also planted it in Jamie’s head that she could always come to his house for private lessons.

“Hi, how are you?” She heard the voice of a man. She looked up. It was Jamie’s father. Her eyes roamed searching the car for Jamie. He wasn’t there.

“Good morning Sir. Where is Jamie my baby” She said.

“He won’t be making it to school today. But he wanted you to come to the house to teach him.” He said. He couldn’t look at her. He knew it was a weird request but he just couldn’t disappoint his only son.

“I …. I … ” Jennifer stammered.

“Yes? Are you coming or not?” He asked impatiently.

“You have to make this request through the Head Mistress. Please park over there and I shall take you to her office.” Jennifer said.

Jamie’s father parked and alighted from the car. He was 6 feet 1, he had a handsome face but for the pimples, his body build was attractive, his stomach was flat like that of an athlete.

It was an awkward trip to the Head Mistress office. He was not a man of many words.

Jennifer was tongue-tied but she set herself to work. She dropped her pen thrice and bent down right in front of him to pick it and each time she did this, her red bodycon dress rose higher revealing her flesh thighs.  She pretended to fall so that he could hold her to steady her.

She smiled inwardly. This could be real fun.

He was in the Head Mistress Office for about an hour. Jennifer had given up, she couldn’t concentrate on the other children she taught as she glanced at her wristwatch regularly.

She could imagine him suspending her on their washing machine and banging her. She could imagine a thousand and one ways that he could have her. If only… he would spare her a glance.

“Miss Jenny… Miss Jenny… ” She heard her name being called severally. She jolted from her mid-day fantasy dream.

“Yes please.” She looked around. It was Kunle. She was disappointed. She wondered what he wanted. He can’t keep asking her for favours. There was this time, he asked her to slip a note to Mrs Okafor. She only did it, because she wanted to have him under her control.

“I am taking over your class for today and next week, please handover.” He said. he had a wide grin as if he had won a jackpot. After all Mrs. Okafor’s daughter was in Jennifer’s class.

“Why do you need to take over my class?” She asked.

“The headmistress said you should report to her office immediately.” He said.

Maybe Jamie’s father had reported her. She was anxious. She hurriedly packed her personal belongings.


At the Head Mistress Office, she could see Jamie’s father having a nice time amidst laughter and chatters.

“Miss Jenny, you are to go with Mr Amber to his home to teach Jamie.” The Head Mistress said.

Mr. Amber is one of our most revered clients. He has been very supportive of this school and the best we can do is to support his son, while he is ill.” She said as a sort of explanation.

“Yes Ma’am,” Jennifer responded.

“Mr Amber it was nice catching up with you and thank you so much for all that you do for the Fariyfield school.” The Head Mistress said.

“My pleasure.” Jamie’s father responded.

He turned and for the very first time, he stared at Jennifer. He was struck by her looks. He couldn’t read her emotions.

“Shall we?” He said.

Jennifer walked out of the Head Mistress office. She was relieved. At least she was not in trouble.


Mr. Amber’s house was a mansion, filled with domestic workers, there was the gardener, the gateman, the maids, the cleaners and there were even drivers.

The drivers sat in the garden, there were playing chest but as soon as they saw their Boss drove in they rushed off to the other cars and pretended to be cleaning it.

“This way Miss Jenny, Jamie is in his room.” Jamie’s father said.

Jennifer was in awe of the enormous wealth. Her steps became shaky as she climbed the stairs. She held the rails to guide her steps. She wouldn’t want to fall.

Her bodycon dress rose until her pants were visible.

She kept adjusting it.

Jamie’s father led her into a room that looked like a study, he locked the doors with a key.

She was shocked and then she became truly scared.

She adjusted her dress for the umpteenth time.

“Where is Jamie?” She asked.

Jamie’s father was mute, he beckoned her. She was frozen.

He moved towards her and she was still frozen at the spot. He held her hands and pulled her towards the table.

He brought out a whip from his drawer. He used the whip to caress her body, it was a leather whip and it was cold.

She cringed. He smiled.

He liked the fear he saw. That fear of prey that would be eaten by a predator. She looked powerless. Her seductress power had been drained by the fear. He was aroused.

He left her and sat down to hide the bulge.

“You will teach Jamie for today and the rest of next week until he is strong enough to join his peers in school.” He said.

“I will pay you N1million for your time and effort and if you exceed my expectations, that money could easily become N5million per day.” He said.

Jennifer smiled.  The sound of money made her feel good and horny.

She walked around his office with pride and dropped her pen, she was determined to seduce him even though she did not understand his type of game. After all, she was the seductress.

He rammed her from behind. There was no foreplay, no kissing…  it was painful and she screamed in pain.

“You asked for it so you got it.” He said.


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