Heartbreak according to the Dictionary definition is “a feeling of overwhelming sadness and grief.” One is usually heartbroken when they loose a loved one to the cold hands of death or your loved one has severed all ties from you. In this case, we are more concerned about when your partner has severed all ties from you. i.e a broken relationship. How do you overcome the sadness that washes over you? The pain, emotional turmoil and other forms of emotions you might be feeling?

If you are heartbroken right now and don’t seem to know how to navigate this difficult time of your life, don’t worry. We have put together for you, 5 ways to survive heartbreak in a relationship:

  1. Give yourself freedom to feel the pain: Bottled feelings can make getting over a heart break worse. It can also lead to depression which can have a huge impact on your life. It is better to cry, shout, moan, grief about it, talk about it with friends or family. There is nothing shameful about a heartbreak and releasing the pain makes you more human.
  2. Breakout of routines that involve your Ex: If you and your ex loved watching movies or football together or having nights out on a specific day of the week, deliberately replace that routine with something totally different. By doing this, you will remove the possibility of missing him or her and while at that, avoid communicating with your ex until your heart is completely mended.
  3. Try out new things: One surest way to survive a heartbreak is having new experiences to take your mind off your ex. You could start a martial arts class, take lessons in music, learn to swim or even join a club. You could have boat cruise or have a night out with friends. Who knows? You might even make new friends. But do not for any reason immediately start another relationship to heal your broken heart.
  4. Make sure you get closure: Closure does not mean knowing why your ex broke up with you, that will only make you feel worse. Closure is accepting the fact that things didn’t work out in the relationship, the way you would have expected it to. This will eliminate any tendency to sink into depression, have low or zero self-esteem or even carry that baggage into the next relationship.
  5. Analyse your relationship: Trust me, you will see things or understand things that will make you say: Thank God it didn’t work out! Analysing your broken relationship, will make you see where you made mistakes, things you should have done differently and your ex’s mistakes and flaws. You will understand that your ex was not perfect and there might be better people out there for you.
  6. Bonus: Give it time: With time, you will be completely healed of a broken heart. Time answers all things. Give it time and you will be out of the sporadic tears, sadness, pain, loss of appetite, anger and lots more that comes with heartbreak.


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