There are some childhood memories that I treasure. Memories of playing in the rain.

Climbing mango trees.

Plucking cashews.

Sharing a bottle of soft drink with other kids at an ‘adult event.

‘Sneaking out to play, while returning home to ‘comprehensive flogging.’

And playing pranks. When it comes to good movies, there are some childhood memories that I hold dare too. Memories of Home Alone, RoboCop, Snake in the Monkey Shadow, and several others. Memories of Cleaning the VHS ‘play head’ with methylated spirit and cotton wool.

Ok. I had mixed feelings when I learnt ‘Coming to America 2’ was about to be released. This is because for almost 30 years, I have had a perfect image of Prince Hakeem, and his Queen Lisa stuck in my head. I treasure the image, and I would not want anything to distort. Anyways, I finally saw Coming to America 2 after it trended for several days. These are my thoughts:

1. If you are a very serious somebody who takes life too seriously, you may want to skip this movie.

2. If you are looking for a ‘feel good movie,’ (according to my friend Mirabella-Paulcia Peach), this movie is for you.

3. If you are looking for a temporary escape from the myriad of challenges bedeviling our Nigeria, one of which is this epileptic power supply that has defied all forms of logical reasoning, this movie is highly recommended for you.

4. If you are a lover of custom-made fashion, you may want to see the movie because 90% of the 800 costume changes were custom made.

5. Lastly, if you are a big fan of Davido and you love to listen to ‘Assurance’ on repeat, this movie is recommended for you.

Now, you may want to ask: Is Coming to America 2 worth all the hype? In my own opinion, I would rather say the movie is a reunion of some sorts.

Written by John Olugbemi.


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