There is this practice that is common amongst many car owners, maybe it is attributed to laziness, indifference, carelessness, lack of total concern or it is coming from a place of lack of finances, but it still does not make it right. The practice of driving with expired vehicle documents.

Most car owners are guilty of this because they fail to understand and appreciate the importance of motor vehicle renewals.

Some car owners are unaware of the fact that car documents do expire. Yes! you heard right. They don’t know this because the car was handed down to them on a platter of gold. They simply do not know anything about cars except to turn on the ignition and move. So this is obviously not their fault, its just the way they obtained their cars or its just the way they are wired. Perharps, Daddy’s driver takes the car to the mechanic workshop or Daddy renews the car papers every other year. However, it is only proper as a car owner or a car user to renew your car documents once they have expired for the following reasons:

  1. The Nigerian Police: The Nigerian police has a mandate to stop and search vehicles. They also ask for car documents to verify the identity of the owner of the car and ensure you are not breaking traffic rules by driving about with expired car documents.
  2. Federal Road safety Corps: This is another important reason why you must renew your car documents. One of the duties of the Federal Road Safety Corps is to check road worthiness of vehicles. This can be done by a physical inspection and also by examining the car documents. Trust me, you would like to avoid the consequences for violations of traffic rules which includes fines and can lead up to impounding your vehicle depending on the seriousness of the offence.
  3. Vehicle Inspection Service: Most people are very judgmental of this government agency and that’s because they execute their job with a ruthless efficiency. They never forgive a small offense and they are always quick to impound vehicles. You really do not want to be on the wrong when you are stopped by them. Among their duties are ensuring and inspecting that vehicles are road-worthy at all times.
  4. Automatic Electronic Trackers: In cities like Lagos, automatic electronic trackers have been installed at strategic points to monitor vehicles with expired documents. The Lagos State Government Directorate of Vehicle Inspection Service has gone as far as raising awareness about driving around the city with expired car documents.

Even if its a day after the car documents expired, it is advisable not to drive the car around until you have renewed your car documents, who knows if you might just find yourself in any of the above situations with lots of time and money wasted to get out of it.

These are top reasons why you should renew your car documents. Next we shall discuss the car documents every car owner must have.


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