So the railway system as a means of transportation in Nigeria is becoming more effective as new routes are being launched by the Federal Government. Train fare is N2200.

If you would like to try out the railway system of transportation or if it is the most suitable means of transportation for you then here is the daily train schedule from Warri to Itakpe:

Ujevwu(Warri): Departure (08:00)
Okpara: Arrival(08:27)…Departure(08:30)
Abraka: Arrival(08:50)…Departure(08:55)
Agbor: Arrival(09:21)…Departure(09:26)
Igbanke: Arrival(09:46)…Departure(09:49)
Ekehen: Arrival(10:11)…Departure(10:14)
Uzea-Uromi: Arrival(10:38)…Departure(10:53)
Agenebode: Arrival(11:16)…Departure(11:19)
Itogbo: Arrival(11:38)…Departure(11:40)
Ajaokuta: Arrival(12:06)…Departure(12:11)
Itakpe: Arrival(12:47)____________________

Commencing from 1st August 2021

Train  leaving Warri to Itakpe will commence double schedule:
Warri: 8am – 12:45 noon Itakpe
Warri: 1pm – 6:00 pm Itakpe

The train station is located in an area called Ujevwu in Warri.

And the daily train schedule from Itakpe to Warri is below

ITAKPE -> WARRI ____________________
Itakpe: Departure(14:00)
Ajaokuta: Arrival(14:36)…Departure(14:41)
Itogbo: Arrival(15:07)…Departure(15:09)
Agenebode: Arrival(15:28)…Departure(15:31)
Uzea-Uromi: Arrival(15:53)…Departure(16:08)
Ekehen: Arrival(16:32)…Departure(16:35)
Igbanke: Arrival(17:01)…Departure(17:04)
Agbor: Arrival(17:20)…Departure(17:25)
Abraka: Arrival(17:51)…Departure(17:56)
Okpara: Arrival(18:17)…Departure(18:20)
Ujevwu: Arrival(18:47)

Train  leaving Itakpe to Warri will commence double schedule:

Itakpe: 8am – 12:25 noon Warri
Itakpe: 2pm – 6:30pm Warri

Also Weekends traveling will commence as well. Saturdays and Sundays. This will also reduce the Mondays and Friday rush.  This will reduce travel time and increase the level of passenger convince.

Time table released by the Nigerian Railway Corporation!


Last updated on 1August 2021

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