So recently Meghan Markle did an interview with Oprah Winfrey about her experience as a Duchess and the undertones of racism that greeted her presence in the famous British Royal family. One of which was how a senior member of the Royal family was concerned about the colour of the skin of her unborn child- Prince Archie. She also spoke about the neglect, how no one taught her the British national anthem even though they knew she was not British and how she had to learn same from google (By the way, google is your friend *wink*) in order not to embarrass them.

While some people might want to castigate Meghan for not staying silent so that the secrets of the Royal family can remain a secret and while others might condemn her for not being loyal to the royal family. I see a woman who spoke her truth no matter how she did it.

She refused to die in silence, infact she was suicidal at some point. What does this tell us?  We must speak our truth in our relationships.  It might cost us a great deal, but the truth will set us free.

Truth when spoken can be:

  • Uplifting
  • Gives us freedom
  • Directs and redirects our actions
  • Makes us a changed person
  • Erases all forms of grudges and bitterness
  • Attracts actual forgiveness and healing
  • Makes us a better person in the future
  • Makes us to grow and be matured

Will you speak your truth? 

Meghan Markle spoke her truth and even if she would be blamed for a whole lot of things such as allegedly tearing apart Prince Harry from his family, being manipulative and a gold digger who couldn’t have her way etc. She was undeterred by the blame game. She spoke her truth.  And guess what? The Royal family released a statement saying they had no idea that she went through all those experiences and same will be addressed within the system.

Truth is powerful. Soro soke.


By floramichaels

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