“Tell me a lie and I will tell you a lie.” He said with a wide grin.
“I don’t think I would like to play this game.” She jeered at him.
She knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She also knew that he was fishing for the truth. She would outplay him if he insists on the game she thought to herself.
“I don’t like you.” He said.
“You are a beast.” She said.
“I can never marry you.” He said
“I can marry you.” She said.
He was astounded. “How did you do that?” He asked.
“You twisted my words.” He said.
“That’s cheating… it is against the rule.” He said.
“Nah! It is not.” She said.
“Come here.” He said.
“I won’t.” She said.
She moved closer to him. He pulled at her veil… she let it slip from her body.
“I won’t let you….” Her voice slurred, she couldn’t complete her sentence.
He laughed.
“It’s a game. Isn’t it?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said absentmindedly.
She was thinking of the issues she needed to resolve.
Her husband was home waiting for an explanation on all her inexplicable trips with her “brother” She didn’t have one. She also needed an explanation of why his “sister” had been living in their house for soooooo long a time.
He took in the scent of the veil, then he hugged her from behind.
His fingers lightly caressed her hips, her thighs and her breasts.
She heaved. She couldn’t get enough of him.
He continued playing with her succulent skin. She moaned.
She was wet. He turned her gently and kissed her passionately.
“You are one hell of a kisser.” He said to her.
He kissed her neck.
She sighed from the pleasure of it all. Why can’t her husband touch her like this and kiss her like this? She thought.
“Don’t do that.” He said.
“Do what?” She asked.
“Think” He replied.
“Just enjoy the passion and flow with it.” He said.
She pressed her body against him, his manhood was stiff. She touched it lightly.
He quickly unzipped his trouser letting it fall to the ground.
She watched him in his glory. He was a sight for sore eyes.
She smiled at his hairy chest and hairy manhood.
“How do you keep up with this bush?” She asked.
“The woman loves it.” He smiled at her.
She laughed.
He gently undressed her. He carried her to the bed and placed her gently.
He began exploring her body with his fingers, then his lips till he got to her garden. He licked it like a hungry child would lick his or her plate after eating a delicious meal.
He licked it until she moaned loudly, then she climaxed and folded her body into a heap.
She was lifeless except for her eyes. But he was not done with her. He started the process again. But this time she couldn’t feel anything. She was numb.
“Let me rest.” She whispered.
He sighed.
“I can’t have enough of your perfect body.” He said.
“The woman has a better body.” She responded.
“Yea…but it’s not perfect, it’s not natural. It is filled with silicone.” He said.
“It’s like sucking a doll. She also had a vagina reconstruction. I don’t have the guts to visit it since she did it.” He said.
“Alright, alright … I get the picture, you can stop now.” She said laughingly.
“But you made me start.” He spanked her buttocks.
“Ouch” she said in exaggerated pain.
“Shave” she commanded.
“I can’t.” He said.
“Why?” She asked.
“Because she uses it to know if I have been faithful or not.”
She sighed.
He pulled at her legs and headed straight for her garden this time she screamed from the pure passion she felt. Her body shuddered.
She was about climaxing when he slided into her. The sheer pleasure was unbearable.
She screamed until she lost her voice in the sea of passion and rhythm of the sex.
He touched her clit while he rode her.
Then he came pouring it all into her. It was thick, so thick that she could feel every drop of him.
They had not met for the last six months and he had kept his promise. He never did it with another.

She woke up to the setting of the sun.
“I have to go tomorrow.” She said.
The room was quiet. He listened to her attentively. He sensed it that she had something important to say. He was scared she could end this at any time. She was his world and he would die if she dares suggests that they never meet again in this manner. It would be too painful to see her without having the luxury of touching her.

“Questions are being asked at home. Double checks are being carried out. He thinks I am lying.” She said.

He laughed.
“I know. He has called me severally to know if you always slip by while we travel together.” He said.

“Yeah” she said absent-mindedly. She was plotting her next move.

She must perform her cleansing ritual to erase every form of suspicion after each romantic day with him. She abstained from sex for the next 24 hours so that all the sperm could fall off.
Then she used a vagina tightening cream to tighten the vagina.
This way, she was sure he could never catch her.

At home, her husband had just finished banging his “sister” on the dresser. He always made it a point not to pour his sperm inside her. He knew she wanted to be his wife, but she was not polished, she was brash and unrefined. He liked the fact that his wife was delicate and polished. Her appearance had opened doors and doors of good deals. He wasn’t ready to lose that.
“Clean up the drawer.” He said.
“I am not satisfied.” she moaned.
“How many times do you want it? She will be back tomorrow. Tell me what you want.” He said in an authoritative tone.
He also found it disgusting to lick a woman but he loved it when a woman sucked him and his “sister” sucked so well.
“Let me have a shower.” He said.
She quickly cleaned up the sperm and jumped into the bathroom with him. She bent down and sucked him. He was hard again. She could hear him moan. Then she turned her back and gently put him inside of her. He began pounding her, this time with violence, she could swear she felt her womb shift. She asked him to touch her, the water was pouring from the showerhead with a vexation.
He did and she screamed.
“Am I better than her?” She asked.
“Tell me I am better, tell me I give it to you better.” She demanded.
He groaned and continued pounding her. He had a mission, to tear her VG. He loved it rough just like that and she could take whatever way he gives her.
He let himself cum but not without removing himself from her.

Gina got home quite late from her trip, she headed straight for the bedroom where her Husband was. She saw him seated at the sofa watching a TV show. He stood up as soon as he spotted her. He had a large smile planted on his face.
She smiled sheepishly at him. Then she hugged him tightly.
“I missed you.” She said sweetly.
“Me too.” Her husband said.
“How was your trip?” He asked.
“Excellent.” She said.
“How did you cope without me?” She asked.
“I did my best.” He said.

They stared at each other for a long time but none could tell if the other had something to hide.

The lady was not his sister they were lovers and the man was not her brother, they were lovers. Both told each other a lie at the point of marriage and none became the wiser.
It was called a lie for a lie.

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