Do you know we travel around in Lagos when we move from our city to another? For instance from Ajah to Ikorodu is a journey, or moving from Festac to Berger. Civilisation in all parts of the state has blurred this and has made us not to recognise that we are actually travelling.

A typical Lagosian is always worried about being stuck in traffic and always have to plan hours ahead for a scheduled meeting or appointment by leaving 3 or 4 hours or sometimes 2 hours before the appointment time. A Lagosian who lives far away from his or her place of work, knows that he or she must leave the house 3 hours before work time and sometimes he or she still does not get to work at the desired time or hour.

However, with smart travel both workers and business people can move around with ease and semi accurate or accurate time estimation.

Here is how:

  1. Avoid rush hour : Its not worth it except if it is absolutely necessary:

Generally, school resumption triggers excessive traffic both in the morning and afternoon. So we all know this and should avoid the rush hour time, if we do not need to be in a place at a specific time.

2. Google map:

Google map is another way of achieving smart travel. You can type in your location or use the map coordinate and log in your destination. It shows you the estimated time or hours the journey would take and it also shows you if there is traffic on a particular route, the number of minutes or hours of delay the traffic might cause.

When on the road you can also use the map for directions to show you the quickest route you should take.

3. Radio: Lagos is known for its notorious traffic situation in Nigeria and one of the ways Lagosians can combat this, is by listening to the radio. There is a specialized radio station in Lagos which gives updates and news about the traffic situation in different areas of Lagos. It also lets people call in or send a message to give traffic reports. If you listen to the traffic radio, 96.1 FM you will mostly likely know if there is traffic on your route or not.

4. Taxi Mobile Apps :

If you love moving around in a taxi, it would do you massive good to check the fares on Apps such as Bolt or Uber. This will help you discover if you are being smart by taking an offline taxi for a fixed price or an online taxi for an estimated fee. For instance, taking an offline taxi from the local airport to Ojodu berger might cost N3000 while using an online taxi might cost as low as N1500 which is half the price of the offline taxi. You get to save half the cost. That’s smart travel.

And if you are still wondering what smart travel means, it means different things to different people and in this context, it means maximizing time and saving cost. Remember time is money.

I hope this helps.


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