Happy 110th International Women’s Day. A day where women are celebrated globally for their vital contribution to mother earth and achievements to the society. Women are special because they give life. They carry a child in their womb for nine months, birth the child, nurse the child and train the child. A country that respects women makes great progress because women are the the change makers, economy drivers and are therefore the catalyst for a successful country.

As the years go by the importance and role of this vulnerable, yet strong group of humans has become more prominent. Women are Presidents of nations, women are heading international organizations by way of example Dr. Ngozi Okonji Iwela is the Director General of World Trade Organization.

So if you have always looked at a woman as an inferior being either by virtue of your culture or belief or upbringing, remember that women are great. This should change your perception because without women the world will not procreate. So show me a man or person who is not born of a woman and I will show you a non-living thing.

Here are 5 strange facts about women:

  1. A woman was the first computer programmer. Her name is Ada Lovelace and she died at the age of 36.
  2. Women have a more flexible neck than men. A study suggests that females have a stronger and more bendy, lower back than males.
  3. Women’s heart beat faster than men’s heart.
  4. In the 1500s women in France could charge their husbands for impotence. He will have to ejaculate in the courtroom to prove otherwise. Weird right?
  5. An average woman speaks 13,000 more words per day than the average man. It’s been said that females say around 20,000 words a day. And it’s all to do with the Foxp2 protein. Higher levels of the protein are found in the female brain.


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