He was Hush and I was Puppy. Don’t ask me why I was named puppy and he the man was named Hush. Because I don’t know the story behind it.
We met through a mutual friend. He was called the matchmaker. The matchmaker for some obscure reason felt we would be a perfect match.
I met the matchmaker on a Sunday afternoon, just shortly after the Sunday service. He was standing by the gate waiting as if he had a mission.
“You look like a sunflower.” He said.
“Aww… I will take that as a compliment. I said. I paused for a moment.
Is it a compliment?” I asked, this time there was a trace of anxiousness in my voice.
I lived alone, so there was no one to appraise my appearance or give me a second opinion. My dress was bright yellow and it had four large yellow leafs motifs on both sides sticking out. It was a sleeveless sweetheart neck short dress.

“Of course it is. Sunflowers are bright and shiny. You know that, don’t you?” He said.

“But you know how these things work, people can sometimes be mean. A fashion statement can be misinterpreted and even turned into a laughing stock.” I said.
“Tell me about it.” He said.
I took a glance at him, my eyes swept over his body, taking in his appearance. He wore a Louis Vuitton shoe and an expensive-looking suit. He could pass for a celebrity who most ladies would spare a second glance.

“You don’t look bad yourself. The Jerry curls suits you. And the suit looks perfect.” I said.
“Thanks.” He said.
“But I know someone who looks more perfect than myself.” He said.
“Good for you,” I said.

I began walking, my legs ached, the heels were too high and the road was rough. I wished I came in my vehicle. Why on earth did I decide to walk down? Was it the fitness video I watched yesterday which made me feel guilty for driving everywhere or was it my fitness trainer who said my bones were too stiff? I murmured.

I decided to call a taxi.
I was so focused on ordering one from the Bolt app that I didn’t notice the matchmaker.
“Looks like you are having some trouble walking on those heels.” He laughed.
I continued walking, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing my face which was writhed in pain.
“Can I drop you off?” He asked politely.
I was amazed by the switch of personality within seconds.
“Nah, I am fine.” I said.
“I am Lucas, what’s your name?” He asked.
“Puppy.” I said without glancing at him, I knew he would also react like the others.
“It’s that your real name?” He asked.
“What do you think” I fired back.
“Oh well, it’s nice to meet you Puppy” He said.

“Are you a real estate consultant ?” He asked.
“Have you been stalking me ?” I answered. I played the question for a question card.

“Not at all. I know its rude, but I glanced at your phone and saw the real estate app for Practitioners.” He said.
“I am also a real estate consultant.” He continued.

I quickly searched for his name on the App but it wasn’t there.
“Your name is not on the list of real estate consultants,” I said suspiciously.
“Oh that?” He pointed at my phone.
I nodded.
I am old school, I have a group of friends who refer their friends’ friend or friends’ father.
We exchanged numbers.
“My taxi is here. I have to go. Nice meeting you Lucas.” I said.

Four weeks later I got a call from Lucas, he said he was out of the country but a client of his needed some work to be done and if it’s ok for me to get it done.
That’s how I met Hush. Hush loved looking good, he was tall, light in complexion and spoke fluently. We met twice and the meeting was like a date. He wooed me, courted me and even spoilt me silly with all sorts of gifts. It was a strange date though because we always met in restaurants and fast food joints, bars and hangouts.
In fact, he spoke like a foreigner. His accent was American. He told me he lives in US and was around for a business trip hence the apartment in Banana Island.

“Don’t call me Sir.” He said.
“I couldn’t help it, I kept calling him sir.
Then he got upset.
“For the umpteenth time, don’t call me Sir.” He shouted.
This time we were at an eatery, waiting for our takeouts. The sales attendant stared at me as if I was dumb.
I felt embrassed.

“I need to lease a house in Banana Island.” He said.

“Can you check it out and also follow through with the transaction.” He said.
“Of course.” I began calculating the amount of money I could make as my agency fee. The possibility was endless. A whole 10% of the rent sum in a place like Banana Island meant I have made about 3 months or more worth of income.

I told Lucas of this and he said he would get a slice of the money if the transaction falls through. I agreed to give him 10percent of the 10 per cent of the rent for referral and he was happy with it. He made me promise to tell him when Hush pays the rent into my account for onward payment to the Landlord.

Hush paid the money for rent into my account and I told Lucas about it.
“Don’t pay that money to the Landlord,” Lucas said.
I was confused.
“Why not? Don’t you want us to earn our fee?” I asked.
“What if I tell you that you can make more than 10 per cent of the rent?” Lucas said.
“How?” I asked.
“Tell Hush that you were robbed and your account was cleaned out. I will send you a designated account to send the money to, including your money so that the story will be believable.” Lucas explained.
“Hello, hello” are you still there? Lucas asked.
I was quiet for what seemed like an eternity.
Then I hung up.

I rented the apartment at Banana Island for Puppy. He was pleased with the way I handled it. He kept talking about loyalty. I almost spilled Lucas’ secret. But I kept on resisting the urge.

“I have another transaction for you, that is if you are interested.” Hush said.
I nodded. This time we were at a lounge, the cool music filtered into my ears and I was moving my body in unison with the rhythm.

“Do you have a domiciliary account?” Hush asked.
“I do.” I said.
Hush smiled, there was something sinister about his smile. I shivered.
“I will be travelling tomorrow and as soon as I get to the US, i will send you dollars. I intend purchasing a house in Banana Island.” He said.

My thoughts were a whirlwind. Why can’t he purchase it before travelling? I asked myself.

Then I forgot all about it. But two weeks later, Hush called me, he wanted my account details. I gave him, then the money began entering my account in millions of dollars. I couldn’t stop it. I lived in fear of the authorities knocking at my door at any moment. So I refused to transfer the money and Hush became agitated. He cursed and cursed and threatened to kill me.
I was undeterred.

It was the last Sunday of the month, I was at church when I heard the whispers in my ear. It was Hush and he wanted his money. There I was seated, rooted to my seat. I couldn’t move. I knew the day had finally come but I was not ready to go down alone.

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