It is obviously relaxing to have your nails done but if you are too busy to visit a nail saloon, you can have it done in your home. So here are beauty tricks you can apply for a perfect manicured nails.

  1. Fix a broken nail with a tea bag: Its happened to the best of us, that perfect nail always gets broken when we least expect it. Don’t panic, you can still get it fixed and ready for manicure in a jiffy by doing this:
  • Cut the teabag
  • Add a little glue on the broken nail.
  • Then put the tea bag on your broken nail and allow it to dry.
  • Once dry smooth out the surface of your nail, (a buffer or nail file can do this).
  • Push back the cuticle.
  • Apply nail polish.

2. Use Vaseline for a smudge free manicure : Apply some vaseline( a little quantity) around the edges of your nails and skin. Apply your nail polish, wait for it to dry and then wash off your hands. The vaseline makes nail polish which falls on your skin to wash off.

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3. Clean nails before applying nail polish: Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and rub on nails to remove any excess oils or soap to avoid peeling once the nail polish is applied.


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