Did you know the oil palm tree originated from Africa and produces two types of oil. Palm oil and palm kernel oil. Did you also know that palm kernel is different from palm oil? Although both come from the oil palm tree but palm oil is extracted from the fleshy palm fruit and palm kernel oil is extracted from the palm seed. Palm kernel oil is dark black in colour and differentiates itself from palm oil with a unique strong smell. Palm oil on the other hand is red in colour and has a milder smell to that of palm kernel oil. Palm oil is processed for cooking while palm kernel oil has other uses. Palm kernel oil is also rich in lauric acid. Here are the benefits of palm kernel oil you probably did not know about:

Treatment of cough: Palm kernel oil can be used for the treatment of cough. Well, this treatment prescription was handed down from one generation to another in the Eastern part of Nigeria. My mom once told me that when they were children, her mom always gave them a small quantity of palm kernel oil to drink whenever they had cough. Palm kernel oil is used to soften the throat when you have cough.

Treatment of convulsion in children: Convulsion is a sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body, caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or fever in children. Palm kernel oil has been studied to be the most administered remedies for children who are convulsing. Palm kernel oil can be used for the treatment of convulsion in children.

Anti-aging: Are you worried about aging faster? Then try palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oil is an anti- aging agent due to its antioxidants and vitamin E.

Good cholesterol : Are you looking for good cholesterol? Then palm kernel oil is the to -go oil for good cholesterol because it increases ‘good’ cholesterol unlike other saturated oils.

Detox : Palm kernel oil can also serve as a detox. It detoxifies the body and also softens the skin and clears body odor when used routinely.

Prevents Hypertension: Palm kernel oil prevents the risk of hypertension by controlling blood pressure.

Palm kernel oil reduces the risk of life treating diseases due to its antioxidants properties.

Palm kernel oil also have other benefits for the hair which shall be discussed subsequently.


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