Hello automobile enthusiasts. Welcome to our weekly auto maintenance guide. This is a platform where we share tips on how to prioritize maintenance schedules on our vehicles as we use them daily, putting in mind, global best practices.
Last time out, we discussed the whole gamut of the braking system asides the ABS which we shall be looking into today.
The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System): It’s meaning, how it’s operates and it’s benefits are what we seek to find answers to, in this article.
The ABS is common in all modern vehicles and it is a technology or a piece of safety equipment that prevents the wheels of a vehicle from locking up under emergency/panic or harsh braking situations. All front wheels, 4WDs, AWDs vehicles come with the ABS.
Now let us look at this scenario: You are driving down the road and there is a need for an emergency or sudden braking, there is a possibility of an immediate loss of traction between the tyres and the road surface. This can cause the tyres or wheels to skid. The situation becomes worse when all this happens uncontrollably. In such case, the vehicle continues to be in motion, and the loss of grip may result in the driver or the rider losing control over the steering of the vehicle. This may, in turn lead to an accident. That is where the ABS comes to the rescue.
*How ABS works*
* In most cars, a sensor called “the wheel speed” is usually located on the wheels and it monitors the speed of each wheel. The electronic control unit (ECU) or _brain box_ reads the signal from each sensor. After detecting the speed of a wheel is reducing drastically compared to others, the ECU sends the signal to the valves of the respective wheel(s) to reduce the brake pressure, and the valves get closed.
* After this, the wheels start to accelerate again, and signals are sent to the ECU one more time, which in turn sends the signal to open the valve and increase brake pressure, and hence, brakes are applied. This cycle repeats itself until the application of brakes becomes normal.
In conclusion, the ABS should not be overlooked at, as it is very beneficial. Most drivers do not pay close attention to the brakes when the ABS indicator illuminates on the dashboard while driving, indicating a possible problem within the system. When this happens, it’s important to visit a garage that has a professional scan tool to run a diagnosis on the ABS. 
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In our next article, we shall be discussing *LUBE SERVICE*: When to change that engine oil and what oil specifications/viscosity to use.

Written by Adeniyi Balogun

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