The exceedingly joyful and active moment of an individual’s life is the count down to the big 20, knowing it’s bridge between teen life and adulthood, knowing its the end of teen life and the beginning of young adulthood is a big feat. The 20 necessary things to do before the big age 20, is a minor guide that will lead you before you walk into adulthood. Nevertheless, not everyone is ready to take the bold step, thinking of what life after 20 might hold, responsibilities and how we’ll all affect our society either positively or negatively. We have listed out some amazing things you need to do before 20. So, before you are 20 years of age do the following :

  1. Be confident:

Confidence is one of the ultimate keys to adulthood. You need to stand your ground, you need to be confident, either among your peers or older citizens.

Confidence makes you know what you want, then you fight for it. Walking into the “age 20” means becoming a more matured person, and confidence or boldness brings out that adulthood in you.

  1. Forgive people:

You might think this doesn’t mean a thing, but people who offend you or people who do anything to irritate you do not deserve your energy anymore, now you’re channelling your energy into something else. Forgiveness brings peace of mind, and will make you move ahead.

  1. Visit a new place:

Travel to a new place, either you travel to a new state or move into another country, just to have a life time experience. Planning towards this will give you a sense of responsibility and sense of owning your own decisions as an adult.

  1. Learn something different:

Learning a new thing will not only open up your brain, but prepare you for the future that awaits you. Things like attending yoga classes, how to make a crochet bag, how to reinvest money and so on, this prepares your mind for adulthood.

  1. Learn a new language:

It’s never too late to learn a new language that’s not relating to your culture or tradition. Languages like French, Spanish, Turkish etc will make you more confident should you decide to expand your horizon by travelling around the world and interacting with people from those climes.

  1. Quit junks:

Eating healthy is a journey most people find hard to embark on but it’s however assured as being worth your while. So you do not have to wait until you are much older to eat healthy meals. In the long run you will reap the fruits of healthy eating as everyone would think you are still 20 even when you are no longer in your 20s. Isn’t that one more reason to quit junks?

  1. Read a book:

This is one of the hardest thing any teenager can agree with, reading a book that’s not related to your course of study might be a hell of a problem. Reading a book or a newspaper article of your choice will give you that adult phase you’ve forever wanted.

  1. Hangout with your secondary school friends:

Find time to hangout with your secondary school friends before it’s too late. Because time flies and before you know it, you become very busy with work and life which might deprive you of the opportunity to link up with friends and even families.

  1. Work on yourself:

Before you start any relationship, work on yourself, i.e build your self esteem and your confidence level. Put your acts together!

  1. Discover your talent or passion:

Getting to know what you really love and want is one thing people find hard to discover. Follow your head, discover your hidden talent before you clock that big age. Is your talent drawing, dancing or writing? Explore it. This would make you more focused, organised and coordinated as you get older.

  1. Listen to retro music:

An average teenager doesn’t care about what vintage music sound like or who composed them. Try something new by listening to oldies as far back as 20years when you were born and listen to some retro jam either hip hop or Afro music.

  1. Have a good relationship with your parents:

During the teenage years, teenagers find it hard to listen to their parents because most teenagers want to explore and try new things. The “new things” are not acceptable to most parents and may bring a little misunderstanding or friction in their relationship. Well the road to becoming an adult is to think like one, “what will my parents say or do” ?, ” should I call my mum for approval?”.

  1. Attend hangouts:

Attending any summer hangout will make you meet new people that will impact your life mostly positively depending on the kind of hangout. But however, do not forget to have fun.

  1. Buy New clothes:

Trust me you do not want to wear that same Old clothe your 15 or 17 year old self wore when going for that birthday party. You need to have more mature clothes in your closet or wardrobe. Remember whatever you wear speaks more of who you are.

  1. Have a new cut or hairdo:

It might be funny but some adults still prefer to go on low cut while some would love to see their favorite color on their hair. But it’s never too late to start now. Go on lowcut if you desire, go all natural (without relaxers) if that’s your thing, give your hair a new colour ( not an awful colour).

  1. Learn how to Cook:

Eating junks as we have discussed earlier makes us unhealthy and may cause unforeseen sickness. Learning how to Cook good food will make us stop eating out all the time. Besides its fun to cook. Why not learn how to cook before you are 20.

  1. Start a business:

Having a business experience and having the courage to manage the business for a long term or short term will make people respect you more and will also give you an assurance of a financially secured future. Besides the youths are taking over the business world, why not you?

  1. Save:

Saving is a habit almost everyone wants to inculcate in themselves, but the ability to start is what scares people out. When you have the habit of saving money, you’ll definitely be able to invest more.

  1. Visit the gym:

Visiting a gym doesn’t have to be for people who’d love to have a fit body, but could be recommended for people who need to have that experience. Going to the gym and using its equipment will make you feel different and happy within yourself.

  1. Dream Big:

No matter how hard things may be, having a vision will lead you and make you realise how important you are to the society at large.

Getting older doesn’t mean less fun, it just means dealing with multiple aspects of life that didn’t exist in high school and teenage years. Living alone, working to pay bills, and balancing time between school and social life are just the challenges young adults who are always overwhelmed with figuring out life have to settle into.

Teenage years are perfect for trying new things, making memories, having fun and what’s more you have all the time the world can buy you to figure life out and plan for the future.


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