A Black dress is a win-win situation for all ladies because no matter how scanty a lady’s wardrobe is, a black dress can always come in to save the day. A black dress could be long or short, long sleeved or without sleeves, flare or straight or even a shirt dress.

Every woman have that “black dress” that fits into every occasion, but because women love trend and fashion and are mysterious in nature, we always want to restyle our black dress over and over.  This gives a different look and a different feel even though it’s the same black dress.

Here are some ways we can restyle that black dress of ours:

Wear a statement jacket: Let your outerwear do the talking. By wearing a statement jacket with your little black dress, you look different. This classic sleeveless black dress can be paired with white pumps or any other sandals or heels of your choice.
Dress down your plain black dress with sneakers: It might seem weird, but wearing a pair of sneakers with your plain black dress will make a fashion statement. Either a white, pink or yellow sneakers will do the trick.
Wear statement accessories: The answer to how to dress up your plain black dress isn’t all that difficult — there are many ways you can do it, with accessories, shoes, and your hair and even a hat.
Show some flesh : It’s either you wear a V- neck gown that will show a little bust or a little black dress that will show legs or the skin.

One of the best things about being a fashionable woman is the possibility to creating your unique style is endless.  There are no style rules anymore, not ones you can’t break. A plain black dress has always been a symbol of grace, elegance, and simplicity.

It’s the dress you turn to when you have nothing else to wear, it’s the one that never lets you down. The black dress is that and so much more. It is a symbol of hope which saves you from  impending disaster when invited for an impromptu night out.


By Ankara Girl

Hi, I simply want to be known as "ankara girl", so if you are thinking of knowing more about me, just know that I am your Ankara girl. I like everything clothes, clothes and clothes. I love to write about it, talk about it and sometimes wear it. *wink*. Join me in my voyage of discovery of the different faces of fashion and proper dress sense. Don't miss out on my sessions. I promise it will be fun just like me.

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