Drink water when you feel thirsty!

Yes, that’s right. The average healthy person should follow this practice because your body’s thirst reflex is pretty accurate. The rule of taking 8 glasses of water a day is actually just a myth as there is no scientific evidence backing this rule and as such there is no universally agreed quantity of water that must be consumed daily.

In case you feel as though your body’s response to thirst is not so reliable, you can try to take in water whenever you experience mild dehydration. This shows itself in the form of fatigue headaches and changes in mood.  You can also try to drink water around your mealtimes either before or after each meal. (This is me hoping that you keep to a three-square meal.)

So here are 5 key benefits of drinking enough water.

Proper Functioning of Body Systems.

A lot of body systems depend on your water intake. The human body is made up of about 60% water. Water delivers oxygen all through the body, helps in the formation of saliva and mucus thus allows us to make use of our organs and prevents friction and damage. Your body gets a lot of the water used for various activities from the food we take as well as the water we drink so make sure to eat well and drink water too.

Temperature Regulation

Have you ever noticed how on some days you may be super exhausted or maybe you have spent a long time working hard under the sun and you don’t sweat but then as soon as you take in water, you sweat? Well, that’s how water plays a role in helping you cool off. Some of the water we take in is usually stored in layers of our skin in the form of sweat and when we carry out strenuous activities this water comes to the surface as the water evaporates your body gets cooler and like it or not we all feel relieved when we sweat. You can then imagine what would happen if there’s no water to be brought to the surface you’d suffer from heat strain and that is not comfortable at all. Make sure you drink your water!


Water helps in flushing toxins out of the body through urine and even sweat.

Beauty and Skin Health.

Water has to be the super food of the internet. There are so many motivational texts and memes about drinking water and these are not baseless. Admit it, you have always gone on and on about how you want to be that person that drinks water and gets stuff done. Well, you really should be that person because not only is water beneficial for your internal health, it also helps your outward appearance.

Boosts energy and performance during exercise and at work.

Water is a great energy booster as it puts your brain in a good place to work better. Drinking water boosts thinking, as well as the ability to focus on a particular task. When it comes to exercise, water is essential because if you are dehydrated it could reduce your ability to perform well. All your body systems are involved when you exercise and if you are not properly hydrated, your body systems would not perform as well as if you are. To avoid injury, it is important that you stay well hydrated, before, during and after your exercise routine.


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