The Black Friday starts today and we are so very excited about this. It also continues every other Friday. Don’t say we do not tell you.  Just mark it in your diaries, alright? Thinking and planning of what to buy  and actually buying it during this big period is very important. The savviest of shoppers will be keen to plan ahead however, whether you’re thinking of indulging in a spot of self-gifting or are keenly getting ahead on your Christmas shopping, there will be no doubt on the tons of bargain to be found over the highly-anticipated discounted shopping weekend.  

Every trendy person in the fashion world would not want to miss out on this opportunity, where we certainly get discount on every item, isn’t this fun? The mere thought of shopping till you drop during the black Friday sales is so much fun. Shopaholics would kill to experience this moment every Friday for the next couple of Fridays.

Based on the fact that we get the best offers and our favorite items that are either in our cart or wishlist will come into reality, FMB has decided to put together certain items which is a must-buy. Thank us later for this.

1. Sneakers:

Sneakers are types of shoes that are worn mostly on days you don’t have the vibe to wear either heels or flats. Normal price of a designer sneaker is worth the half price of a new phone, and that’s a fortune, talking about Balenciaga, Yeezy, Louis Vuitton and so on. This Black Friday organized by Nigeria’s leading online shopping store, Jumia will have a price slash and we’ll be getting a designer sneaker for a lesser price.

2. Accessories:

Accessories like 5 or 4 steps of chain, beaded choker, sunglasses, earrings, rings, necklaces and so on will be available. It is important to note that this online shopping is a preparation for Christmas and an opportunity to get whatever jewelry we want with less than one thousand naira.

3. Facial mask:

We’ll want to start the year 2020 with glowing skin, mostly a glowing face. 2020 is a year of rejuvenating dead skin, why don’t we Shop for facials and start our trip to glowing skin.

4. Wigs:

Either synthetic or human hair extensions, the price slash also include these items and getting a whole new style of wig and color that might be scarce in an open market, will be a great deal.

5. Makeup tools:

Most ladies still find it hard to apply makeup, either way you can buy your makeup tools like your brush, eye shadows, lashes, glitters, eye pencils, lipsticks then resell them for a higher price or at a retail price.

Black Friday can be a whole lot of fun, imagine getting 20 items for less than 10k. I am quite sure we are all excited about this period.    Enjoy your shopping!


By floramichaels

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