Most women find it hard to match clothes and combine colours, especially to their offices or companies which makes them play it safe or comfortable with their company’s dress code.

However, modern companies put more effort into how their staff’s appearance. For instance, you cannot walk into a bank and see any of the staff in all units look shabbily dressed.  

Therefore, it is essential to learn how to create a variety and diversity of outfits for an everyday office look. Fashion trends in office wear styles for women have some prominent features which will be discussed below:

  1.  A suit: A suit is the mixture of both a blazer and a suit pant or suit skirt. This outfit speaks more of confidence and value. Suits are the most formal wears for office. You can combine a dark brown suit jacket and a black suit pant or skirt. Suits matched with ties, vintage scarfs and bows are also not a bad idea.  
  2. Pencil skirt: Every Lady finds the pencil skirt very comfortable. A Black or wine coloured pencil skirt matched with a satin Top of any colour will definitely make all heads bow. If you are tired of heels a flat shoe will do the trick here. 
  3.  A gown: Not just an ordinary gown but a midi dress and a fitted one to the skin. Wearing a gown makes every office lady look smart and defines them. Always go for bold colours when it comes to picking gowns or a dress because it’s all you are wearing. Style it with your favourite designer bag and sharp heels.
  4. Wrap gown:  This is for women or ladies who try to hide their belly bulge or fat. It makes a lady comfortable and it is also easy to wear. Especially when it comes in colour black, It hides all uneven curves and also passes for an office outfit. 
  5. A Palazzo: The Palazzo pants have come to be popular thanks to fashion bloggers. For it to be worn or styled to the office, a palazzo pant should be matched with a silk shirt with stiletto or pumps.

Mixing or matching of office wears should only comprise of bold colours, to express that you are ever ready and happy to work.


By floramichaels

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