To us, wardrobe essentials simply mean those outfits/clothes and accessories which are very important to us because they can save us a whole lot of embarrassment when we have an emergency outing. Sometimes, our finances can be tight, don’t worry, this is not news and it happens to the best of us, but what do we do, if we have an important outing/appointment and our clothes are out of date? These 5 wardrobe essentials are a must in every lady’s wardrobe because it can save the day:

  1.  A Jean jacket: From the family of jeans and apparels, the jean jacket is one of the important fashion pieces every lady should have. Either an oversized Jean jacket or a smaller Jean jacket both goes well for summer or Harmattan. The jean jacket is also useful for a casual look when paired with a skinny jean.
  2. A Black dress: This is a must-have for every Lady. A black dress is ageless and ladies of all ages should have it.  Occasions might come up and a lady might be out of ideas on what to wear, this is where the black dress comes in handy to save the day.  A short black dress can also be worn to clubs or for a dinner date. Do not forget to accessorize it as this would bring out the beauty of the dress.
  3. Heels: It is often said by most ladies that heels make them more feminine, classy and stylish.  If you do not have heels in your wardrobe, then you are in serious trouble. Remember those parties, meetings, appointments you must attend? A heel is necessary to complete your look for such events.   There are various types of heels such as the stilettoes, the ankle strap, slingback, wedge, French heels and basically pump heels but they have the same purpose, and that is to make you look smart and classy.  
  4.  A White Top: Yes Tops are essential but White Tops are unique because they pair perfectly on every outfit either casual, formal, or retro style. A White Top or blouse makes all outfits look special. You can style it with skinny jeans and pair of heels.
  5. A Jean trouser: A black, blue or faded jean is essential in your wardrobe. A jean trouser is basically the most worn clothing Jean apparel because of its versatility and longevity and is a must-have for ladies.


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