What’s in your make-up purse?

This is a very important question that an everyday woman can’t really answer.  

But an everyday woman always wears her make-up right, yet she might not really have a make-up bag. I once attended a Birthday party and when it was time for pictures, almost all the women were asking themselves if they packed a pair of lipstick and face powder to freshen up their make-up. Surprisingly, no one packed these things, yet we all wore make-ups. Now, that’s was even in an occasion, so you can imagine how a lady’s every day package might be.

What’s in your make-up purse?

A lot of ladies don’t fully understand the concept of everyday makeup. You may be a natural  who is totally uninterested in having make up on during workdays and that’s fine but just in case you decide to change your mind due to some emergency like an acne breakout here are 10 product items you must have in your emergency make up kit.

These tips are also for you if you are trying to do your own make-up all by yourself. Some of us cannot afford to have frequent trips to a makeup artist. Every woman needs some basic makeup items for her everyday look.

  1. Make-up Bag

The first and most essential thing every woman needs is a make-up purse/bag. This is important to keep all your makeup items organized and is also a good way of putting things in perspective. Your makeup bag should be one that is easy to clean and keep your items safe. The other specifications of your makeup bag are entirely up to you as they come in varied sizes and shapes as well as cost depending on quality and durability.

2. Foundation

Foundation is important to ensure even skin tone when applying make-up. There are a wide range of foundation types formulated according to the different skin types. However, for everyday makeup a woman doesn’t necessarily have to apply foundation all across her face, foundation can just be used to hide those dark spots.

3. Face Powder

Even the most makeup averted individual has at least owned or used a compact powder or two in their lifetime. Face powders add a finishing touch to make up looks. It takes away that oily sheen on skin, evening out the skin tone. Face powders are also good for touch ups on the go. They also absorb oil especially for people with oily skin. If you’ve never liked powders, I suggest you start doing so as they even make your makeup last longer.

4. Eyeliner/Eyeshadow

The eyes have been said to be windows to the soul and they are also key to a great makeup look. From your eyebrows to your eyelids your ocular region can either make or break your entire makeup look which is why eyeshadow and eyeliners are a good idea. Eye shadows also add more color to you face and can be applied in different styles.

5. Lipstick/ Lip Bal/Lip gloss

Whatever you do make sure you don’t leave your lips bare when stepping out. You can either use a lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick as all these come in a range of colors.  It can be applied based on preference in a situation where you don’t want a bold colour like red you can go for nude tones. Also if you want a really subtle plain look you could just go with a lip balm or lip gloss. The essence of this is to keep your lips covered and even moisturized to prevent them from looking chapped or ashy.

6. Tweezers

Tweezers are important for getting those wayward hairs. They have a lot of applications but for this post we are focusing on their use in defining eyebrow hairs. Your eyebrows are just important as the rest of your face and they have the ability to make you look several years younger or decades older. If you’ve never tweezed your eyebrows before try it and see the proof. However, don’t go mad with the trimming follow a particular pattern based on your eyebrow type and arch just as our faces differ so do our brows. The importance of brows cannot be over stressed. Makeup artists have fondly said they make eyebrow contact before they make eye contact and eyebrows speak louder than words. Your brows say a lot about who you are.

7. Eye pencils

Eye pencils are important for drawing brows with the right arch and width. The colour of your brow pencil should be one that blends with your skin tone. For Nigerian women I suggest using darker eye pencil colors like black for the darker female members of our community and brown for the lighter skinned women. There are a range of colours that can be tested before purchasing an eye pencil to prevent your brows from starkly standing out from the rest of your face. Also avoid unusual colours like pink, red, grey and even green unless you’re planning to be part of a circus act or a masquerade show colours that blend well like black and brown are the way to go. You can also talk to a makeup artist and watch tutorials in order to ensure that you get the right colour for your skin tone

8. Concealer/ Colour Corrector

Concealers are important. I added them to this list because a lot of women in Nigeria do not use their concealer properly. You may have observed the case of whitish lines surrounding eyebrows. We all know how funny it is when we see people’s eyebrows and hair looking all grey in harmattan due to dust getting stuck in their hair. Well some people tend to apply concealer in that same manner, this occurs when they don’t blend in their concealer properly. Concealers are important for defining make up lines and must be blended properly to avoid looking like a wanderer in winter. Concealers can also be used to hide scars or blemishes and to highlight certain portions of the face. Concealers tend to be thinker then foundation and as such should be used sparingly.

9. Primer

Primers actually prepare the base for makeup. Primers smoothen out the skin making it more even.

Remember how I said foundation evens out skin tone well primers lay the groundwork. On the skin the surface consists of pores and bumps. Primers seal up these, providing an even surface on which to apply foundation and other makeup products. Primers are good especially for people with oily skin. They come in different types and can be applied as a spray or in powdered form or as gel. Some primers are more effective than others in terms of strength in sealing up pores. It is preferable to use primers with medium hold. Use the ones with high hold only occasionally. Primers basically create a blanket over the skin and are a great idea even for everyday makeup.

10. Bronzer

I have to admit this was a rather bias addition but there are so many beauty hacks to be done using a bronzer also in this glow up age a person cannot be caught unfresh right? Bronzers are a good finisher for makeup they recreate a sun kissed glow thereby enhancing certain aspects of the face. In the 21st century pictures are a part of our everyday life and in order show off your skin in pictures bronzers are a nice addition to your everyday makeup product list.

You better catch that light girl!

What’s in your makeup bag? I’d like to know.


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