We choose this fearless leader as our FMB Lady of the week for her strong character and compassionate spirit.  Michelle Obama is not your average former first lady and we know this because it is a fact.  

Michelle Obama is a writer, an American Lawyer and a university administrator. She was the First Lady of the United states from 2009-2017. Her time in the white house was one she spent focusing on issues that truly mattered in the society. She founded “Let’s Move” and “Let Girls learn”, two separate initiatives focused on early childhood years shaping the future for generations to come.

On leaving the presidential seat, Michelle Obama was even more spoken about than her husband Barack, this goes to show just how much her impact was felt among Americans and even citizens of different countries all over the world. We feel that Michelle Obama was the most involved and passionate Flotus.

If Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady taught us anything it would be the importance of laying the groundwork of societal growth at the family level. She was a true family woman fighting for children’s rights because children are indeed the future of a nation. She has been quoted to have said, “It’s about leaving something better for our kids. That’s how we’ve always moved this country forward, by all of us coming together on behalf of our children.”

She loved, she led and she touched the hearts of many. Michelle’s finesse did not stop on leaving the White House she has since continued working to empower young people while growing in her career as a writer with her bestselling book “Becoming” having sold over 1.3million copies in the first week of publication.

Our love for her is not in abstract as she is ranked among the top 10 most beloved first ladies in American history.

We can go on and on about her, but we must stop here by leaving some quick facts about her.

Do you know her other name is LaVaughn and she was born in Chicago, Illinois on 17th January 1964?


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