Ok Ladies of vogue, brace up because this is especially for you.  If you have ever owned a bralette but thought it was just a bra, please gather here for a selfie.  Yes! I really do mean it. A bralette is a specific type of Bra that does not feature wires and moulded cups.

It comes in different forms such as lace, cotton, and knitted forms, and of different types such as strappy, high-neck, triangle and long.  Bralettes are mostly worn as an undergarment, but now they are fashionable undergarments or lingerie that speaks more of how diverse and bold women have become when it comes to picking outfits. It can be styled in different unique ways, but we have specially selected five ways we would like to show you how to style your bralette.

1. With A Blazer 

Nothing can be as chic and classy as this combo. Instead of wearing a tank top, spice up your outfit with a bralette. It will definitely make you look all spicy hot and twice as sexy.

Ladies with bigger boobs might not really wish to rock a bralette in this manner, but if you are daring enough to show some flesh, then this combo is definitely for you.

2. With A Round Neck or Tee shirt:

Fashion and Style depends on your personality. Wearing a bralette on a T-shirt might seem awkward but it sure is a different type of dressing and style recreation. It can be matched with a mum jeans or biker shorts and would equally make heads turn.

3. With a crop Top: 

A bralette can be styled as an inner wear with a crop Top. It can be worn inside of a crop Top or a tank Top. Matched with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers you are good to go.

4. With a shirt 

This is another discovery fashionistas brought back in recent times. The bralette can be styled on a shirt of any type. It brings out a totally different you. You can also style this look with a pair of  boot cut jeans.

5. With a skirt:

Those days when all you want is freedom but still look chic. You can wear a bralette on a skirt either with a pleated skirt, a Jean skirt, short or long skirt or a slited skirt they all still go well with the bralette. And if you are not in the mood to show some flesh, you can grab a blazer to pair this look.


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