Do you own a leather jacket and have ever wondered how to style it? Perhaps you do not even know that you can style a leather jacket?  It is not in doubt that high-quality leather jackets are expensive, but with the right style you can also look expensive, fashion-conscious and at the same sophisticated.  Leather is quite an authentic piece of clothing which feels like the second layer of skin that fits a body frame.  That’s why we have a guest post from Bernand M. Miller who has specially put together 22 amazing and different styles for wearing women’s studded leather jacket below.

Styles for carrying a women’s studded leather jacket

  1. A custom leather jacket with studs and a black sandal is a popular collection for many fashion-conscious girls. Complete your pair with black leather rivet sandals to highlight your fashion.
  2. Leather jackets with studs and gold skirts have become an indispensable style of clothing. You can complete your outfit with black suede sandals.
  3. Pair a leather jacket with a pink sheath dress for everyday wear that is out of character and personality. You can also wear your outfit with dark green suede pumps.
  4. A leather jacket with studs and a black leather jean staple that fits well into your daily collection. With a pair of tan boots in light brown leather, you can experience this pair of stylish casualness.
  5. The custom leather jacket and mediocre skirt worn together look great for a casual look. Black suede pumps are guaranteed to add beauty to this pair.
  6. A leather jacket with studs and black leather leggings are the ultimate chic casual look. Wear black strap pumps with your outfit to showcase your clothing.
  7. The comfortable combination of custom leather jacket with erect and black tube pants can easily be pulled together in seconds. That way you look and be ready for anything without spending a lot of time in your closet. When you pair a suede booties with a light gray leopard pattern, the whole pair fits together.
  8. Pair a bright leather jacket with blue geographical shorts for everyday wear that is out of character and personality. In the shoe department, you can experiment a bit and add a pair of black leather sandals.
  9. Pair your dress with a leather jacket and a black leather skirt with pencil heels. If you are unsure you can also pair of white leather pumps to complete your outfit.
  10. A leather jacket that features studs and gray skinny jeans is a mix that every modern woman should keep in her comfortable wardrobe. Finish your outfit with black and white high-top shoes for maximum style points.
  11. Pair a leather jacket with black skinny jeans to complete casual dresses. Complete your outfit with white shoes on top of the white dress.
  12. Pair a leather jacket with white shorts for everyday wear that transcends character and personality. Avoid white leather sandals by looking comfortable.
  13. The combination of a leather jacket and dark skinny jeans allows you to adjust your look for the holidays as well.
  14. Leather jackets with studs and black bike shorts look incredibly stylish and instantly make you look cool. You can wear this with red velvet sandals to enhance the wow factor.
  15. A leather jacket with a robe and a black, floral wreath. A pair of black suede boots will never be out of date.
  16. The brown leather jacket is slightly different from the classic black look. This color looks very good, separately. Brown leather jacket for casual wear is perfect. You can wear a white t-shirt, a gray shirt or black-blue jeans.
  17. Lovely pink and light pink is a girly color. You can wear a pink jacket on a blue and white shirt with skinny jeans, and with white boots. It always looks great.
  18. All black jackets and gray jackets are a great look with some fresh colour shoes such as blue, red, orange, green or yellow. Women wear beautifully gray leather jackets on striped top and simple slim blue jeans.
  19. The yellow leather jacket looks perfect with t-shirts and black shorts, blue jeans, sterilized T-shirt, elegant jeans with a white shirt and a white pump.
  20. Wintertime is a good season for leather jackets. Labels are available in heavy duty jackets, furriers, wool leather styles, down jackets and more. All you need is to wear this jacket on a casual sweater, cardigan or sweater. Autumn and spring usually wear leather jackets, but in the summer months, when the weather cools, or you’re about to spend out of the night, you can still wear it.
  21. In winter, a leather jacket can be cooled in denim shorts and tights, and this combo will make you look like a real rock fashion.

Finally, you should know that a studded leather jacket is stylish for women. It does not matter what season it is worn, a leather jacket is always cool and stylish. The design of a leather jacket makes wind flow possible. The leather is suitable for all temperatures, even if they are too high, so if you do not have a leather jacket as part of your collection, these styles favour a strong reason to have one.


Written By Bernand M. Miller

Image Credit: Pinterest

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