Because in FMB, we love doing special things, we have decided to make this week our leather week. Amazing! Right? So in addition to our regular posts, we would give you five days of how to style leather in different ways, how to look chic wearing leather, how to use leather and why you must have that special form of fabric called leather in your wardrobe. Are you curious about the leather frenzy? Do you want to know why every fashion-conscious being has leather as part of their collection? Then you are definitely in the right blog at the right time. It will be all fun and no bore, plus extra special post on how to maintain your leather and keep it from peeling. Don’t miss out on this exciting special.

Much Ado About Leather

Do you know that leather is the material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or through a similar process? Even better is the fact that the piece of fabric called leather has been in existence for thousands of years, so next time you go into a leather frenzy, just remember and feel good that your forefathers discovered this particularly beautiful multipurpose fabric long before you were born.  Leather has come through years and years of experiment dating back to the days of our forefathers who hunted animals and used the skin for clothing and the animal for meat.  The Egyptians in the 5000 BC used leather for clothes, gloves, sandals and for lots more. The Romans also used it for shoes, shields, and saddles.

I particularly love leather bags because it is quite flexible and beautiful and this, in turn, has earned leather as a bag, cloth shoe, furniture, belt, saddle and lots more a special place in the hearts of many.

Leather just like every other piece of fabric comes with different grades of quality, I bet you have heard people say “This one na original leather” well that’s not out of place. Leather comes in four simple qualities that you should watch out for; namely:

  1.  Full-grain leather which is the best type of quality of leather you can ask for, it is known for its lavish smooth surface. It is known to be durable.
  2.  Top-grain leather which is next in line in terms of quality is thinner because its layers are separated away.
  3.  Genuine leather also is also known as split leather, suede, Napa leather. Oh! And do not be deceived by the name “Genuine Leather” it is actually not genuine as the name connotes because it is made from the leftover of leather after the high-end leather has been made and
  4. Corrected-grain leather is the rock bottom in terms of quality because it is not leather per se, just the leftovers from leather recreated. It falls apart really quickly.

 We could go on and on about leather, but as they say “Everything which has a beginning will surely have an end.”  So, we end here for now but keep your interest burning because we would bring you more exciting kinds of stuff about leather by tomorrow.


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