A bag or a purse is an accessory that contains all the necessary personal belongings a woman carries along such as makeups, hand towels, handkerchiefs, hairbrush, keys, phones, money etc.

A bag is every woman’s companion because it comes in handy. A bag can save a day especially when there is an incident with a lady’s makeup or clothes. Most women seem to have everything needed in their handbags and some go as far as putting in extra clothes.


Bags comes in different colours and sizes but women use the bags that compliment their outfit. A woman who intends to have a night out uses a small purse which will most likely contain her lipstick. Of course, that’s the most appropriate bag to carry as a big handbag will be so out of place. OOH! Imagine going clubbing with a massive handbag? But if it is an official outing, let’s say like a business meeting, then a bigger handbag is more appropriate especially where she needs to fit in files and all.


When it comes to colours, most women settle for just the colour black and brown because of its ability to match with all colours of clothing. Meanwhile, the modern bag now combines both colours and more recent bags might even have a combination of more than one bright colour.  I know the question that has been burning through your minds is why have a designer bag?  I tell you why.

A designer bag last longer than having an ordinary bag. Its quality is next to none and a designer bag is the surest way to invest your money. A Designer bag is gold.

Having a designer bag preaches more of how unique your taste is in fashion.

A designer bag totally completes your dressing and gives you this classic and elegant expression everyone talks about.


And you know what?   There are various types of designer bags such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Givenchy, Forever 21, H& M, Michael Kors, Christain Dior and Atmosphere just to mention a few.

These designers speaks more of value and durability in their creation.




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