We have decided to do something nice and that is, show you  5 hairstyles to explore as a black woman for the next four weeks on every Wednesday. I sometimes, ok not sometimes but most times have the trouble of picking out hairstyles to make whenever I visit the beauty salon. My hairstylist always ask “So what style are you making?” And I am almost always confused or spoilt for choice and sometimes for lack of choice because I wear my hair in its natural state.  As an aside, I am one of those people who transitioned from the permed hair (as we call it) to the natural hair.

Ok, so we all know that when it comes to hairstyling for black women, it’s no secret that the African hair texture is rather delicate especially because it requires tender love and care and yet a lot of African women have only recently learnt how to properly take care of their hair. (I am one of them. I remember when I used to curse and moan on why I had such hair texture, but now… I really do love my hair.)

There are a wide range of hairstyle options for the black woman but only a few can be done without damaging your hair strands. When looking for a hairstyle it is important to ensure that whatever style you pick satisfies certain conditions.

Your hairstyles, which I would be referring to as protective styles for the purpose of this post should:

  • Adequately protect your hair from the effects of heat damage (including damage from the sun).
  • Help retain moisture i.e. hair from drying out fast.
  • Have little or no strain on your hair strands especially your edges.
  • Ultimately look good.

Whether you’re a “natural sister” like me or you have permed/chemically treated hair, this protective style list is for you.

Here are 5 of the best protective hairstyle ideas for 2019:

  1. Braids

Nothing speaks of your African descent better than good old braids. You can have them in various styles as you please. All you need to do is ensure that whatever style of braids you select should be one that doesn’t pill on your edges.

  1. Short curls

Styling short curly hair isn’t difficult. Whether you’re in the teeny weeny afro stage (TWA stage) of your natural hair or you have short permed hair. There are a wide range of looks that can be done. You could even shave

  1. Kinky Curls

You can wear your hair full and curly just don’t forget to seal in moisture when doing this with your natural hair.

  1. Cornrows

Cornrows are relatively easy to install and there are a range of patterns that can be done both with your hair and with extensions.

  1. Flat twist

This is an ideal style for naturalistas. There are several pattern options just like with doing cornrows.

I can’t wait to show you more styles, but we said five, so five it is. See you next week for more sizzling hairstyles for every black woman.




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