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So, on one of our trips in #europe last year @houseofnito met this #handsome oyinbo air host. The guy took one look at her ‘assets’ and went on an overdrive. He made extra sure we were comfortable, brought extra drinks, extra food and then he outperformed himself when he gave her a stuffed reindeer luggage tag as a gift. I just sat there swelling with anger like ‘blomblo’ He was not rude to me in any way but he acted as if I did not exist. For instance, he could be handing me food but his attention would be focused on my wife. @houseofnito thoroughly enjoyed the attention, smiled at me and said ‘he means no harm, darling’.  I looked at her with bad eye and held my peace. You can imagine my surprise when she bestowed ‘travel companion’ status on the excited reindeer.



Gregory II just suppressed a smile and kept an eye on our luggage. I’m sure in his church mind, he was like: ‘dey there, stupid reindeer. You never sabi this man. When he abandons you in the abroad, you will leave @houseofnito alone’.




Written by Christopher Ogbonna

This post was first published on the facebook page of Christopher Ogbonna and has been published here with his authorization. Reindeer image credit: Christopher Ogbonna 

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