We all remember, Reuben Abati’s article titled Notes From The Field. This was shortly after the elections and everyone was eager to recount their experience, whether true or untrue, pleasant or unpleasant, impactful or unimpactful. There was just something about the aftermath of the elections and virtually everyone including those who did not participate was talking about it.

 And just like everyone does, I shared the article with John Olugbemi, and here was his rejoinder and insight into Reuben Abati’s experience.
Thanks for sharing this insightful piece.  *the gods are now officially in love with you. Reuben Abati (PhD) is no doubt an amazing writer (started following him since from his days as a columnist with the Guardian Newspapers) whom I so much love to hate but to no avail. For four years, he was the spokesperson to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,(GEJ)  yet he watched as his boss walked into the fire by repeating history through predictable patterns. And what did he do when he left power, he came up with an article saying Aso Rock was infested with demons. You may want to see the article here if you haven’t: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/usaafricadialogue/fcPLLimFZ3s
*“Voting according to the size of their greed really got to me”*
It’s an open secret that Buruji Kashamu made his money from drugs. He can’t even step his feet in the United States at the moment. The people of Ogun State knows he has drug money to spend, hence their quest to squeeze every dime off him during the campaigns.
Indeed, there is a serious difference between theory and practice in Nigerian politics.
Towards the end of last year, the P.A of Pastor Sam Oye (The Transforming Church, Abuja) was assassinated in cold blood right in front of his wife and kids on their way from church on a Sunday. (his first son who was barely up to 10 was shot on the leg because he prevented the assassins from getting to his dad). Few weeks to his assassination, he kept receiving threatening calls to step down, else he would be assassinated, but he kept responding: *You can’t kill me, I am immersed in the blood of the Lamb, I am covered with the blood of Jesus, I am a Child of God.* The church has sent his wife and kids abroad to recover from the psychological trauma. As we speak, no single arrest has been made. No wonder my mum cries silly when I tell her of my political ambition. (Yahaya Bello scares her silly)
Also, a former colleague of mine resigned in 2016 to contest for LG Chairman in Benue State. The challenges of his community were dumped on his doorsteps whenever he went home for campaigns and consultations. In fact, they started calling him *Honourable*. Guess what, the election was cancelled, and Ortom imposed caretaker chairmen on them and today, he is terribly broke. I saw him yesterday looking very dirty. He was just coming back from his yam farm.
I am sure you have endless stories from your end too.
Like I love to say, since 1960, this democracy thing has never worked for us as a country. Until we go back to design a system of governance that will fit us as a people, we will continue to run in circles.
Should we insist on this *Oyibo* democracy, the only way to make it work in Nigeria is to remove the perks and luxury attached to political offices. Get a leader who will follow the blueprint of the late *Thomas Sankara* and we may just be close to redemption.
Please forgive my epistle. I love to talk. I also love conspiracy theories.
Written By Sanya Olugbemi

*Mr. Sanya Olugbemi has a B.A in History & International Studies from the University of Jos and an M.A in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Ibadan. He is an unrepentant optimist who believes so much mistake people make daily would have been clearly avoided if only they had paid more attention to history and patterns.* 

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  1. I wonder how long we have to finally get it as a Nation because even now, we seem to be steering this ship in the wrong direction. If only we all aren’t so selfish. Well done flora, nice piece Sanya.

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