So this is strictly for foodies or women or men who love home cooked meals.  You know cooking takes a great deal of time? Ok, how about the need to have a variety of meals in the house but the lack of time to prepare these meals?  In this post, I decided to show you a quick way to making a pot of stew and vegetable soup at once.  It is quite easy and consumes less time as we would be using the same ingredients for both meals.


  • Catfish ( 1 large catfish and two medium-sized catfish)


  • Blended tomatoes and pepper
  • Seasoning ( maggi, salt and onion)
  • Palm oil
  • Vegetable ( African Spinach)
Cook the tomatoes and the pepper until the water is dried up. Pour it in a bowl. Then pour some palm oil in the pot, once it is hot, add the onions and the tomatoes and pepper. Allow it to simmer until it is properly cooked. Then add the seasoned catfish stir, allow it to simmer and add maggi and salt to taste. Allow it to cook for an extra 3 -5 minutes then remove the quantity of stew you would like to keep. Then add the vegetable and allow to simmer for 1 minute.
There you have it. Stew and Vegetable soup made in one spot.
Administrative tip:
Always cook a large pot of stew for the month. It comes in handy for rice, yam and a host of other meals.

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