We all like a vacation especially when we can afford one. Even when we can’t afford a vacation, we love it and that’s why we have friends and family and acquittances in average or high places. You know it is not bad to visit friends, acquittances or family when we are on vacation or when we need some “away” time from our stressful daily activities. A proper vacation means going to a hotel or holiday resort, but what if we cannot afford it and it is cheaper to put up with a family or friend?  What do we do in those circumstances, do we just take the bull by the horn and show up in their houses or do we forgo the vacation?

Most of us would definitely visit but not all of us know that there are certain conducts, actions and behaviour which irritates our host to the extent that they wish we leave sooner than later.

Now here are the things you shouldn’t do as a house guest when visiting your friends, acquittances’ and even your family members.

Showing Up Unannounced

Life has become busier and this is the 21st century,  that’s  we have mobile phones to connect with each other unlike in the past, where letters are written and posted. Right now at the click of a button we can speak to whoever we choose to speak to. It is therefore bad manners to show up unannounced or with a very short notice  in a friend or family member’s house, no matter how close you are. People always have plans and you never know what you might meet if you do not inform them of your visit and intention to stay with them.

Not Informing the Woman of The House

Most house guests are guilty of this one, especially family members, they most often tell a spouse and neglect to tell the other spouse. Sometimes, they inform the woman and fail to inform the man and other times, they inform the man and fail to inform the woman. As a house guest if you wish to have a pleasant and memorable visit, it is always good to inform the woman because she runs the home and to inform the man because he leads the home.

Snooping Around

This is certainly something you shouldn’t do as a house guest. Snooping around the home of your host.  Just because your host trust you enough to invite you in does not mean you should snoop around and touch his/her property.

Not Seeking Permission

As a house guest, it is quite necessary to ask for permission before using the personal effects of your host. Taking their clothes, food, drinks, wrappers, slippers and other items without seeking permission gets on the nerves of your host. But in cases, where the host have asked you to take stuffs, then it is alright to do so. Remember, be considerate when you use things in  your Host home, you never can tell  if your Host also wants to use the same item or consume the same food.

Not Returning Stuffs

As a house guest, that’s one thing you should not do.  Develop the habit of returning items which you collect from your host especially when you are leaving the house. Take for example, if you collected your Host’s toothpaste, endeavour to return it when you are leaving. Also tell your Host where you kept the item.

Leaving the house in a mess

This is terrible as well. As a house guest, you must tidy up after yourself and also assist the Host with some house chores. The Host  runs around to care for you and finds it disheartening to see you make a mess of his or her home. Always and always tidy up by keeping the home clean.


To be continued…



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