Many a times we ask, and we wonder, we curse, and we judge and we direct and instruct. This is the easiest thing to do, especially when you are not driving the wheels or kicking the ball or at the receiving end of life. It should be all about working the talk and talking the work.  Can a woman actually raise her children without support? And by this, I mean, no nannies, no maids, no school, no family member, nothing. Just her.

I do not think this to be possible, although they might be cases of women who do it all by themselves, take for instance, the Ugandan woman Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye  with 38 children.  Ok, that’s just one woman in recent times that we know about.   Let us talk about “us” women like you and me and even the celebrity moms.  There is always this question that is asked and mostly unanswered. “How did you manage to raise your kids and pursue your career?” That’s a topic for another day.

Most times, women see it as a sign of weakness or failure when they open up to reveal that they have some form of support in raising their kids. The support could be from a very supportive and domesticated spouse who  love being around or spending time with the children.

The support could be from a family member, who believes in helping out rather than spending time on other interests. The support could also be from external institutions such as creche and schools and sometimes the support could be from employing the services of a professional to assist in caring for the children.  The support could also be from close family friends or neighbours who do not mind baby sitting for you.

Most women who do not have help often crave for help, and while some might judge out of envy, majority crave for that freedom, free time or even breather to enable them to perform other activities without caring for the children at the same time.

One great advantage of having support as a woman with young children is your mental health. You have a balanced mental health as you are not constantly under pressure. Also the tendency to be depressed is minimal due to those free periods you have to take a break from the chaotic or hectic lifestyle. Another advantage is that you look younger than your age or you look exactly your age, you will always be composed and tidy as against a woman who literally have no support in raising her children.Although, women with support must work harder to ensure the children are not learning the wrong things or are being influenced with negativity and bad habits.

But in the end, every woman with children needs support, whether the support is obtained by putting the children in a school or creche or by having a nanny one thing is certain, we all need some form of support no matter how minor or major it may be. After all, women are first of all human beings and then women.

What do you think?

Do you women need support in raising their children?




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